Award Winners at New Nordic Films

23. August 2019

The winners of this year’s awards in the New Nordic Films-section was announced during our closing ceremony of The 47th Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund.

Best Project Award

Director Ole Giæver receives the  Best Project Award. Photo: Grethe Nygaard

The winner is Let the River Flow, directed by Ole Giæver and produced by Maria Ekerhovd, Mer Film.

The award goes to the best project in the Nordic Co-production Market. As voted by the participants, the winner is granted participation at the Producers Network in Cannes.

Scandinavian Debut Award

Scandinavian Debut Award went to director Emilie Blichfeldt and producer Ragna Midtgaard, Mer Film for the project “The Step Sister”. Photo: Grethe Nygaard

The Scandinavian Debut is hosted by the talent programs FilmLab Norway, Producing People, STHLM Debut, the organizations Mediefabrikken, Film i Skåne, Filmbaen and Film Capital Stockholm. The winner receives a development or production grant of NOK 125 000 from Dagslys. The jury consisted of film critic Kalle Løchen, Programme Manager at EAVE Satu Elu and distributor at Folkets Bio Rose Mari Strand.

The jury says:

The project is a modern take on a very well-known fairytale, a metaphorical story that deals with a serious discussion on the chase of beauty ideals, inventing the genre “beauty horror”. The pitchers were confident in their presentation and capable of communicating their intension and vision.

Eurimages Lab Project Award

The award goes to the most promising cutting-edge film among the six nominated presented as work in progress. The award encourages a film that is experimental in form or content, made on the side of traditional filmmaking framework and showing international collaboration. The jury consists of Director of Programming at Nordisk Film Kino Christin Berg, the former head of film funding at the Swedish Film Institute Kristina Borjeson, curator of HAIFA Industry Events, producer and writer Ruth Lev Ari and special consultant for Scandinavian films Stephen Locke.

The Eurimages Lab Award goes to the project Him by director Guro Bruusgaard, a member of the film collective Alternativet AS.

The jury was impressed by the project “Him” – a character based drama of two men and a boy- one day in Oslo, is set in this new era in which manhood must be reinvented or at least re-examined. It is a current perspective and a relevant discussion made in a witty, intelligent and compassionate style. Cinematically the camera is not shy of its characters and is able to patiently linger as they respond to their frustrations and await the consequences.

The special mention goes to the project “Jessica” by director Ninja Thyberg, an intriguing cinematic achievement, bold, courageous, out of the box as it reverses the frame to its female gaze. Working with non-actors for an authentic tone the director ushers her main character to actually see the reverse (and reveal it to us) as she weaves her fate knowing ‘’she must be sexually desired in order to be hired’’, in this case in the porn industry.

The award is meant to encourage a film that is eksperimental in form or content, made on the side of the traditional filmmaking framework and showing international collaboration. The project has to be in production or post production and the award of 50 000 euro should be given to a project which shows both the mentioned artistic qualities and also where the 50 000 euros are needed and will make a big difference.

The jury consist of Christin Berg, Norway, Director of Programming at Nordisk Film Kino, Ruth Lev Ari, curator of Industry Events at the Haifa Film Festival, Stephen Locke, film critic and a consultant and scout for Scandinavian films, Kristina Börjeson, Swedish representative of Eurimages.