New Nordic Films and The Norwegian int. Film Festival in Haugesund are continuing our Books at Haugesund project, which had its first edition in 2017. Our aim is to bring publishers and literary agents from the Nordic countries to meet producers and the rest of the film world. 

In a pitch session Thursday 23 August, approximately ten novels will be presented to film producers and other participants who are looking for exciting literary material suitable for the big screen. The festival will invite agents who own the film rights to the books to pitch their novel, and there will be pitches from each of the Nordic countries.

We invite literary agents to take part in Books at Haugesund Pitch. If your book is chosen we will offer accommodation and accreditation. Each selected project will be presented in 7-minutes pitches, and we will arrange one to one meetings for each project.

Deadline for submitting your books is 15 June 2018. 

The selection will be finalized at the end of June.

Submission form here.