«Cave» to end this year’s main programme in Haugesund

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken’s action thriller Cave gets the honour of closing the main programme during the 44th Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, on Thursday 25 August.

– It’s a great pleasure for us to announce the thriller Cave as our closing film. This will mean a high-octane ending to our festival, Festival and Programme Director Tonje Hardersen says.

– With Returning Home and Late Summer Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken has proved to be one of Norwegian cinema’s most exciting talents. He possesses a truly admirable versatility and shows new sides of himself for each new film.

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken too is very happy to see a Haugesund premiere for Cave:

– Both on a personal level and on behalf of the entire team behind Cave, I’m extremely happy that the Norwegian International Film Festival has decided our film to have the honour of closing this year’s festival, just before its theatrical release on 2 September.

Cave is doubtless one of the most physically demanding productions ever undertaken in Norway, and I can say nothing else than that I’m very proud of what a bunch of dedicated film workers and fearless actors have succeeded in achieving. We look very much forward to get out of our cave suits and into our nicest clothes, to present the result to the festival audience of Haugesund in August.

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken brings the actors Heidi Toini, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, Benjamin Helstad and Ingar Helge Gimle with him to the gala premiere in Haugesund.


About the film

The action thriller Cave is the story of three friends, Charlotte, Adrian and Viktor, whose goal is to be the first human beings to get through an unexplored cave system in a desolate mountain area alive. Full of desire for adventure they embark upon the demanding descent, unaware of the nightmare waiting down in the cramped dark depths.

See the trailer here.

Before the camera

Three of Norway’s most talented young actors are cast in the main roles of this suspense film: Heidi Toini (Staying Alive, Late Summer, Nobel), Mads Sjøgård Pettersen (Eddie The Eagle, Upperdog, North, Villmark 2) and Benjamin Helstad (King of Devil’s Island, The Angel, The Heavy Water War: Stopping Hitler’s Atomic Bomb). In addition, one of our foremost actors, Ingar Helge Gimle, (the TV series Acquitted 1 and 2 and Mammon 2, Returning Home, among others) has a central role.

Behind the camera

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken has written, directed, edited and produced the film. He has also contributed to the work on the production design. This time too, like in Returning Home, he works together with his brother Oskar Dahlsbakken as cinematographer. Cave is produced by Filmbros and distributed by Another World Entertainment Norway.

Cave has a Norwegian premiere on 2 September 2016.

The film will also be featured in the Market.