Eurimages Lab Project Award 2020 to “A Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic”

21. August 2020

New Nordic Films is proud to present a recipient of the Eurimages Lab Project Award at Haugesund. The Award went to the Finnish film A Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic, directed by Teemu Nikki and produced by Jani Pösö from It’s Alive Films. A special mention went to the Swedish film Excess Will Save Us – The Movie, directed by Morgane Dziurla-Petit and produced by Fredrik Lange.

This year’s jury consisted of Cia Edström (Gøteborg Film Festival), Svend Bolstad Jensen (Arthaus), and director Nino Kirtadze. They had following to say about the winner film:

The Eurimages Lab Project Award goes to a project which blends an inner world and dreams, with the harsh reality of the outside world, that the character has to enter to reach his goal. A world that is scary and unpredictable for someone who can’t see, and new and exciting for us, the audience who can see. The film plays as a modern tale about deep human bonds. The bold artistic approach, that the director and producer propose, takes us deep into the universe of a blind man who has to confront the world and dive into the unknown, in the name of love. Making a film about blindness could become a boring cinematic experience, but the filmmakers are using this opportunity to make a film like never seen before. From the start, we are in the shoes of our hero and experience the world with him. We were also very impressed by the outstanding and innovative presentation, which revealed the choice to make the visual style a very strong part of the storytelling.  By the unanimous decision of the Jury, the Eurimages Lab Project Award goes to A Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic.

The jury has decided to give a special mention to a hybrid film, about family relations, made both with love and the need to reach new understandings. Shot like a documentary, but with the aesthetics and composition of a feature film, such as a family drama made by Roy Andersson. Special mention goes to Excess Will Save Us – The Movie.

As a part of our online special edition, the jury had to meet on Zoom this year to discuss the films.

About the Eurimages Lab Project:

The Eurimages Lab Project Award is an award of 50 000 EUR, given to the most promising cutting edge film project presented at the Works in Progress section. The films competing for the award is in post-production. To be eligible, projects must be mainly produced in a Eurimages member state and show co-operation between at least two countries.

Through the Lab Project Award, Eurimages is investing in new forms of cinematographic expression which are often at the crossroads of other art forms, and actively participating in the renewal of European cinema. True to the Eurimages profile, the films must be challenging, unconventional or experimental in form or content.