Haugesund @ Marché du Film online

19. June 2020

New Nordic Films is amongst the collaborating partners when Marché du Film goes digital this coming week, Monday June 22nd to Friday June 26th. In conjunction with our new partnership, New Nordic Films will be collaborating with Marché du Film’s Co-Production Day together with East Meets West and CineMart.


Co-Production Day: Tuesday June 23rd from 14:00 to 21:00 (Paris time)

When East Meets West, CineMart and New Nordic Films are happy to announce a brand new partnership with Marché du Film Online!

For the very first time, Marché du Film will showcase a line-up of 20 international projects previously presented in one of three markets, and will offer them a series of Co-Production One-to-One with potential co-producers, decision makers and financiers. All registered professionals will be able to check more detailed info on selected projects and teams directly on the Co-Production Speed-Meeting platform  

All virtual one-to-one meetings will be taking place on Tuesday June 23rd from 14:00 to 21:00 (Paris time)


The selected Nordic projects from New Nordic Films:

Just So-o Easy Going 

Joanna’s mind is like a flashing circus where everyone talks over each other. She has just turned 18 and found out she has to start paying for her ADHD medication. A medicine she has never been off, until now. With a depressed father whose sick pay is barely covering the rent, Joanna does everything to gather the money needed to avoid becoming an unfiltered version of herself. Her need to hide her diagnosis is strong. But so are also her newly feelings for the charming and confident Audrey.

The Store

When Eleni – a single mother gets promoted to manager in a low-priced supermarket she has to proof she’s capable. She is pushing the workers to the very limit, forcing them to work without breaks, all while decreasing their work hours. She’s determinate to raise the results, and she will achieve this with the help of her best employee – Shukri. But when Shukri discover she is pregnant she’s afraid to let Eleni know, and she starts to hide her growing belly in order not to get fired.

Meanwhile two homeless women are building a camp behind the store. They collect the wasted food from the store which causes conflicts but also relationships between the employees and the homeless people. The Store is a satire-drama built of puppet animation and live action.


Resistance is the  journey of an indigenous teenage girl who starts doubting her mother’s fight against a Norwegian hydroelectric company. The village starts to split and she finds herself having to choose between her mothers fight and the hydroelectric dream of a new life. This a beautiful story about modern colonization and the desire to accept your heritage.


Vitello Goes to School

Vitello is excited to start school and meet new friends. Entering the same class as his secret girlfriend, Kamma, getting friends is not easy and school is nothing like what Vitello imagined: The teacher decides eveything and he is not part of the “coolest” group of kids. Vitello becomes jealous of Kamma’s new friend, and he lets down his oldest, but younger, friend William. The school pairs Vitello with a “friend” from 4th grade, in what turns out to be an inexpedient relationship.


Co-Production Markets Catch-Up: Monday 22 June from 10:00 — 11:30 (Paris time).

New Nordic Films will take part in the Co-production Markets Catch-Up arranged by Marché du Film. You can meet New Nordic Films in a session among the main international co-production markets as the Berlinale Co-production Market, CineMart, CineLink, Connecting Cottbus, and the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum.

Three sessions of 30 minutes each will be available for 25 participants (first-come, first-served) as following:

  • Session 1 : 10 :00 – 10 :30
  • Session 2 : 10 :30 – 11 :00
  • Session 3 : 11 :00 – 11 :30


Nordic Party Online: Thursday 25 June 19:00 –21:00

Our fabulous traditional Nordic Party goes online! For those of you fearing you would miss out of this years’ Nordic Party, we are happy to announce we are temporarily moving our party from the beach by the Croisette to a roof top in Gothenburg through Zoom. Welcoming all Marché du Film participants, featuring DJ Marathon by our international festival programmer friends and our usual house DJ Nina Natri behind the decks.