15. June 2018

This year’s announcement will be held on August 21st 2018, during the opening day of New Nordic Films.

For the second time, the Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund will host the announcement of the five films nominated for the coveted Nordic film prize.

The five nominated films will subsequently screen at the festival. 

 Tonje Hardersen, director of the Norwegian International Film Festival said: “I am really happy and proud that again, we will have the honour to host the announcement for the Nordic Council Film Prize nominations at Haugesund. We are looking forward to welcoming all the nominees and to give the audience and industry the opportunity to see this year’s best Nordic films.”

Petri Kemppinen, CEO for Nordisk Film & TV Fond added: “After the announcement and the screenings in Haugesund, the films will be shown during September and October in all the Nordic capitals at our partner events to give the public a chance to see them all on a big screen.”

The Nordic Council Film Prize administered by Nordisk Film & TV Fond is the most prestigious film award in the Nordic region, celebrating a unique filmmaking vision deeply rooted in Nordic culture. The DKK 350,000 cash award is shared between the film’s screenwriter, director and producer.

To be eligible, films must have premiered at a festival or in national cinemas between July 1st, 2017 and June 30, 2018.

The film nominees are selected by national juries consisting this year of Per Juul Carlsen, Jakob Wendt Jensen, Eva Novrup Redvall for Denmark, Jaana Puskala, Harri Römpötti, Mikaela Westerlund for Finland, Hilmar Oddsson, Börkur Gunnarsson, Helga Þórey Jónsdóttir for Iceland, Inger Merete Hobbelstad, Kalle Løchen, Britt Sørensen for Norway, and Kristina Börjeson, Emma Gray-Munthe and Gunnar Bergdahl for Sweden.

The winner of the Nordic Council Film Prize will be announced at the autumn Session of the Nordic Council, during an awards ceremony to be held at Oslo Opera House on October 30. The Nordic Council Literature Prize, the Children and Young People’s Literature Prize, the Music Prize and the Environment Prize will be bestowed the same evening.

Last year’s winner of the Nordic Council Film Prize was Finland’s Little Wing, written and directed by Selma Vilhunen.