The New Nordic Films Catalogue 2016 is here!


We are going to show 28 finished films in our market, of which 18 are screened for the first time. In Works in Progress we present samples from 20 films in post- production, some so fresh that they are still being shot. We present 26 film projects in development, of which 7 are part of the initiative Nordic Genre Boost from Nordisk Film & TV Fond. In co-operation with Writers’ Guild of Norway 7 selected scriptwriters looking for producers are allowed to present their respective screenplays.

(Download the catalogue here: New Nordic Films Catalogue 2016).

We are ready to once again present a programme that mirrors another great Nordic film year. Our programme has a wide range, from large well-produced films to smaller and more experimental works. There is something for every taste, whether it’s great art, suspenseful stories, interesting looks at our society, intricate and moving stories, or wise tales encouraging reflection.

This year we have many films from young and talented filmmakers, with several having been made outside of the traditional framework for the making and financing of films. We appreciate this myriad of talents who just have to make films and actually succeed at it. This provides a breeding ground for a creative, spontaneous and lively film scene that can breed unique filmmakers.

This year we also have the pleasure to reward a film that goes beyond the framework for traditional filmmaking in our Works in Progress, through the new Eurimages Lab Project Award. This is a prize that shall go to the most promising film presented in the work-in-progress programme, where the jury is to emphasise that the film is experimental in form or content.

We wish you all a great edition of the market!