Nordic Co-Production Market

The 15th Nordic Co-Production and Finance Market takes place on Wednesday August 19th at New Nordic Films in Haugesund. At the event, films looking for a Nordic co-producer or co-financing, or to shoot in one of the Nordic countries, participates in 7-minute pitches for producers, investors, film funds, sales agents and others with a professional interest in co-productions. In addition, one to one meetings with interested industry delegates for each project were held after the pitches. 

The projects selected for the 2019 edition were:

After Work

In a society where most of the work has been automated, The Restart program is providing coaching consultants to give post-workers hope, goals and new dreams to build a better society. K. is one of those consultants, a Restarter – top ranked, with an unbending faith in the good of The Restart program. But something is wrong. K. can’t check in to the agency app, a seemingly banal bug, that will cause K. to lose faith, grow desperate and increasingly abuse his power over the group he’s coaching.

Jonas Eskilsson (b. 1982) was educated at Valand Academy, Gothenburg. He has previously directed the short film A tremor (2012).

Frans Huhta (b. 1982), D.O.P, director and scriptwriter, educated at StDH and Valand Academy has previously directed the feature Language of Silence.

Original title: Förmedlingen Country: Sweden Director: Jonas Eskilsson, Frans Huhta Producer: Hedvig Lundgren Production Company: Fasad Production AB Total budget: €690.000 Budget confirmed: €49.000 Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute, Gothenburg City Genre: Lo-Fi Sci-Fi drama Shooting start: Autumn 2020 Shooting language:  Swedish Looking for:  Co-Producer, distribution, private funds, sales agents Contact person: Hedvig Lundgren Cellular: +46 706 62 821 5 E-mail: Website:


Anatolian Leopard

Fikret is the manager of the zoo in Turkey. The municipality intends to privatize it and negotiates with an entertainment company from Emirates. The last obstacle in the process is the Anatolian Leopard. The plan is to transfer the leopard to another zoo. On New Year’s Eve, Fikret wants to talk to the leopard.However, he discovers that the leopard is dead…

Emre Kayis (b. 1984) in Ankara, graduated from the London Film School in 2014 with the shortfilm The Translator which won 16 awards and was nominated for the best short film for the European Film Awards. He is a member of EFA.

Original title: Anadolu Leopari Country: Turkey, Germany Director: Emre Kayis Producer: Olena Yershova Production Company: TatoFilm Co-Producer: Tanja Gerogieva Co-Production Company: Elemag Pictures Total budget: €700.000 Budget confirmed: €420.000 Financier partners: Ministry of Culture of Turkey, MDM Genre: Ironical drama Shooting start: January 2019 Shooting language: Turkish Looking for: Covering between 10 to 20% of the budget through private financing, shooting equipment or/and 16mm deal, VFX or distribution/TV engagement Contact person: Olena Yershova Cellular: + 90 537 300 87 02 E-mail: Website:



When Mariam’s father dies, the law says her brother will get twice as much as her, so she and her sister Noura decide to forge their father’s checks to get even. When the bank calls to verify the transaction, Noura and Mariam are forced to find someone to play the part of the dead father. This man hunt turns into a journey of emancipation and self-discovery, and the sisters have to work together.

Laila Abbas has written and directed several prize-winning shorts and documentaries. Barzakh is her feature film debut.

Original title: Barzakh Country: Germany, Palestine, Norway Director: Laila Abbas Producer: Roshanak Behesht Nedjad Production Company: In Good Company Co-Producer(s): Hanna Atallah, Gary Cranner Co-Production Companies: August Film, Chezville Total budget: €1.200.000 Budget confirmed: €300.000 Financier partners: Filmkraft Rogaland, Palestine Film Lab, AFAC Genre: Drama, Comedy Shooting start: 2020 Shooting language: Arabic Looking for: International sales and distribution, co-financiers Contact person: Gary Cranner Cellular: +47 918 34 641 E-mail: Website:


Black Bird

Through the voices of the director Mia, a female Astronaut, and the conversations between Mia and Vincent, the story of a woman and her mortality unfolds. Moving seamlessly between three perspectives, Black Bird invites us to an intimate and deeply moving account of a journey towards the inner self.

Mia Engberg is known for her cutting-edge films from the outskirts of society. Belleville Baby premiered in Berlinale 2013 and received a Guldbagge award. Lucky One received the 2019 Eurimages Audentia Award.

Original title: Black Bird Country: Sweden Director: Mia Engberg Producers: Tobias Janson, Malin Hüber Production Company: Story Co-Producer(s): Hanna Atallah, Gary Cranner Co-Production Companies: August Film, Chezville Total budget: €600.000 Budget confirmed: €45.000 Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute Genre: Drama Shooting start: March 1st 2020 Shooting language: Swedish, French, English Looking for: Funding, Co-Production collaborations, Distribution Contact person: Malin Hüber Cellular: +46 70 860 6411 E-mail: Website:


The Curse of Kane

Contact person: Carsten Aanonsen Cellular: +47 908 65 203 E-mail: Website:


From Malta to Oblivion

In the shade of Malta’s scorching sun, around the edges of the Swedish online-gambling community, exiled tax-evader Dimman shows up for a lavish wedding, kicking off a desperate and decadent pursuit in search of reconciliation and redemption. From Malta to Oblivion is a desperate, decadent and sensual Noir set in a place where thousands of Swedish ex-pats hide from the Swedish tax authorities – a shelter somewhere in between Xanadu and Gomorra.

Axel Petersén has made a variety of fiction features and documentaries. He has directed The Real Estate (2018), premiering in Competition Berlinale 2018, and Avalon (2011), premiering in Toronto

Original title: From Malta to Oblivion Country: Sweden, Malta Director: Axel Petersén Producer: Sigrid Helleday Production Company: Flybridge Co-Producer: Oliver Mallia Co-Production Company: Pellikola Total budget: €1.658.447 Budget confirmed: €257.793 Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Arts Council, Pellikola Genre: Mediterranean Noir Shooting start: Summer 2020 Shooting language: Swedish, English, Maltese Looking for: Co-producer, Distribution, Intl. Sales, TV-presale Contact person: Sigrid Helleday Cellular: +46(0)073 663 70 68 E-mail: Website:


I’m Just So-o Easy-Going

Joanna’s brain is like an analogue twitter, also known as ADHD. To get money she sells condoms with passed expiration date to her school mates. When her medicine runs out, she tries to handle the stress for money, the consequences of an unexpected drug deal and her blustery feelings for Audrey.

Director to be determined.

Original title: Så jävla easy going Country: Sweden, Norway Director: TBD Producers: Annika Hellström, Erika Malmgren Production Company: Cinenic film AB Co-Producer: Gudny Hummelvoll Co-Production Company: Hummelfilm AS Total budget: €1.906.750 Budget confirmed: €209.017 Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute, Film i Väst, CMore Genre: Romantic comedy Shooting start: March 2020 Shooting language: Swedish Looking for: Distributors and Sales agent Contact person: Annika Hellström Cellular: +46 70 786 64 16 E-mail:, Website:



Molly has just lost her true love and life as a lonely woman is filled with empty liquor bottles and late nights in front of the TV. That’s why she can’t distinguish where in the house the regular knocking sounds are coming from. She tries to get neighbours and others in her vicinity to acknowledge the knockings, but no one seems to be hearing what she’s hearing. When she reads in the paper about a dead woman that has been found in lake Råsjön, she’s certain of it; someone needs her help.

Frida Kempff‘s films range from narrative dramas to documentaries that have all been screened and won her awards on festivals such as Cannes, London, Telluride, IDFA and Hot Docs.

Original title: Knackingar Country: Sweden Director: Frida Kempff Producer: Erik Andersson Production Company: Läsk Total budget: €830.000 Budget confirmed: €680.000 Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute, SVT, Norrköpings Filmfond Genre: Thriller Shooting start: October 2019 Shooting language: Swedish Looking for: Sales agent, distributors, financiers Contact person: Erik Andersson Cellular: +46 70 689 27 56 E-mail: Website:


Let the River Flow

Throughout the 20th century, the Sami people have been under pressure from the Norwegian State. Let the River Flow is based on historical events in the end of the 70s, when a popular movement began to fight against the government’s decision to put the Alta river in a water pipe. Young Sami Ester, moves to Alta to start a teaching assignment when the first protests start. She first hides her Sami origin, but when she is introduced to the protesters, she gets involved with the movement. A few months later she and three others put up a tent in front of the Parliament and start a hunger strike.

Ole Giæver‘s debut The Mountain in 2011 (WP Berlinale). In 2014 he wrote and directed Out of Nature, selected for Toronto and Berlinale. His last film, the cross-over documentary From the Balcony (2017), also premiered at Berlinale.

Original title: La elva leve! Country: Norway Director: Ole Giæver Producer: Maria Ekerhovd Production Company: Mer Film as Total budget: Approx. €3.500.000 Financier partners: Norwegian Film Institute Genre: Historical Drama Shooting start: August 2020 Shooting language: Sami, Norwegian Looking for: Co-producers (postproduction, actors, HODs) Contact person: Maria Ekerhovd Cellular: +47 951 88 118 E-mail: Website:


My Father is a Danish Caveman

13 year old Elvira is living with her mother Agnes and her new girlfriend Rita. Elvira doesn’t feel at home in her village, instead she has embraced the Danish culture and is learning the Danish language, because her mother got pregnant at a fertility treatment centre in Denmark. One day Elvira is approached by an unknown man on a Harley Davidson. He wants to give Elvira a huge Barbie dollhouse. This is her real father and he is not Danish.

Egil Pedersen graduated from The Norwegian Film School. After film school he has been developing unique ways of eye-catching storytelling using absurd humour, disturbing moods, visual effects and majestic images.

Original title: Pappa er en dansk fjellape Country: Norway Director: Egil Pedersen Producer: Mathis Ståle Mathisen Production Company: Rein Film Total budget: €1.605.000 Budget confirmed: €605.000 Financier partners: International Sami Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, Filmfond Nord, FilmCamp Genre: Drama Shooting start: Summer 2020 Shooting language: Sami Looking for: Financers, investors, executive producers, co-producers, sales agents, distributors Contact person: Mathis Ståle Mathisen Cellular: +47 975 23 136 E-mail: Website:


Never Enough White Roses

It is the last warm summer’s day. The husband has left to buy more white roses, the wife is dressing up. Everything is in place for a supper party and the guests to arrive; wine’s cooling, the table set. This party will bring a change, after this evening nothing will be the same again. The narration is elegant and measured yet visually rich, revealing the guests pasts via flashbacks. Ambiances vary from hope to despair and tender bliss to searing pain. The film is for European audiences.

Miika Soini, film director/screenwriter, has been directing TV- series, music videos, commercials and fiction films. Never Enough White Roses is his second feature film.

Original title: Vieraat Country: Finland Director: Miika Soini Producer: Tiina Butter Production Company: Butterworks Co-Producer: Johan Karlsson Co-Production Company: Roy Andersson Filmproduktion AB Total budget: €1.500.000 Budget confirmed: €300.000 Financier partners: Finnish Film Foundation, Scanbox Scandinavia Genre: Drama Shooting start: August 2020 Shooting language: Finnish Looking for: Distributors, Financiers, Sales Agent Contact person: Tiina Butter Cellular: +358 405 224 266 E-mail: Website:


New Dawn Fades

Akin is an up-and-coming actor who is hospitalized into a psychiatric facility with a diagnosis of severe bipolar disorder. Being unable to memorize lines, he gets fired from his work doing minor roles in TV series and then at a municipality theater. Hiding his illness, he works as guardian for children in a shopping mall’s indoor playground. His body, initially responding well to lithium, develops tolerance. As Akin loses touch with his true self, his mind shifts into another reality.

Gürcan Keltek previously directed Overtime (Visions Du Réel), Colony (FID Marseille), Meteorlar (First Feature Film Award in Locarno, Nominated for EFA), Gulyabani (Locarno, Tate Modern).

Original title: New Dawn Fades Country: Turkey, Germany Director: Gürcan Keltek Producer: Stefan Gieren Production Company: The StoryBay Co-Producer: Ada Ciltepe Co-Production Company: Vigo Films Total budget: €764.000 Budget confirmed: €120.000 Financier partners: FFHSH, Medienboard, CNC, Cinelab Genre: Hybrid Documentary Shooting start: Fall 2020 Shooting language: Turkish Looking for: Co-producers, Distribution, Festivals Contact person: Stefan Gieren Cellular: +49 176 325 38 526 E-mail: Website:


No Man Land

It is late summer when Sara returns to her hometown. Her cousin welcomes Sara with open arms, introducing her to Marie. Being the only single women above 25 in a village where the traditional way of life is very much the norm, the women become friends. One day three handsome policemen arrive. The women see them as the solution to all their trouble and cook up the perfect plan to get the policemen’s attention.

Ingrid Stenersen’s debut film, the award-winning short comedy, Three Dalmatians (2015) premiered at Palm Springs International Shortfest. The documentary From Refugee to Founder (2017) aired on national broadcaster.

Original title: Hadeland Country: Norway Director: Ingrid Stenersen Producers: Nicholas Sando, Stein Berge Svendsen Production Company: Smallville Films Total budget: €1.100.000 Budget confirmed: €93.000 (Filminvest € 76.000, Smalleville Films € 17.000) Financier partners: Filminvest Genre: Comedy Shooting start: 2020 Shooting language: Norwegian Looking for: Distributors, Pre-Sales and possible Co-Production Partners Contact person: Nicholas Sando Cellular: +47 990 15 320 E-mail: Website: TBA


One Day All This Will Be Yours

Illustrator/writer Lisa and her siblings meet at their parents’ farm for the first time in a decade, to find out that their father wants only one of them to inherit the forest that’s been in the family for generations. But is anyone willing to move back home?

Andreas Öhman (b. 1985) is a writer/director. His first feature Simple Simon was nominated for several Guldbagge and shortlisted as Best Foreign Feature at the Oscars 2011. Since, he has written and directed three feature films: Bitch Hug (2012), Remake (2014), Eternal Summer (2015).

Original title: En dag kommer allt det här bli ditt Country: Sweden Director: Andreas Öhman Producers: Gila Bergqvist Ulfung, Eliza Jones, Markus Waltå Production Companies: Breidablick Film, Grand Slam Film Co-Producer: Naive Society Total budget: €2.393.000 Budget confirmed: €1.309.752 Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute, Filmpool Nord Genre: Drama Shooting start: July 2020 Shooting language: Swedish Looking for: Minor Co-Producer, World Sales Contact person: Eliza Jones Cellular: +46 73 378 28 39 E-mail: Website:


The Store

Shukri is pregnant, but has to hide her growing belly in fear of being fired by ELLA – the manager of The Store – who herself is pumping breast milk for her 4 month old baby at the staff’s toilet. Meanwhile Maria and Linda are building a tent-camp near the store where unemployed, homeless and sick people try to manage a life, and soon the skip at the loading bridge where waste is thrown away becomes the place for encounters among the people in the camp and the employees of The Store.

Hanna Sköld has directed, co-produced and animated several films such as Granny’s Dancing on the Table (2015) which premiered in Toronto and Nasty Old People (2009) with an online interactive distribution.

Original title: The Store Country: Sweden Director: Hanna Sköld Producers: Lovisa Charlier Production Company: GötaFilm Co-Producers: Christer Nilson, Hanna Sköld Co-Production Company: Tangram Film Total budget: €1.800.000 Budget confirmed: €575.000 Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute, Göteborg Stad Genre: Comedy/Fantasy Shooting start: Autumn 2020 Shooting language: Swedish Looking for: International co-producers, TV, sales and financing Contact person: Lovisa Charlier Cellular: +46 706 428 664 E-mail: Website:,


Tale of a Sleeping Giant

Tale of a Sleeping Giant is a mythical tale about the untouched nature of the Arctic. It begins billions of years ago, during the era when the first mountains on Earth were created. During those years the mountains witnessed the dawn of life, the mountaintops have eroded and the ancient roots of the mountains have appeared. Those roots are the fells of Lapland – the oldest mountains in the world.

Marko Röhr has been directing underwater and nature films since 1992. His works include Nature Symphony (2019), Tale of a Lake (2016) and Underwater Iceland (1997).

Original title: Tunturin tarina Country: Finland Director: Marko Röhr Producers: Hanna Kauppi, Marko Röhr Production Company: MRP Matilda Röhr Productions Total budget: €1.427.012 Budget confirmed: €1.027.012 Financier partners: Finnish Film Foundation, YLE, Nordisk Film, Elisa, Creative Europe Media Genre: Drama/Environmental Shooting start: June 2018 – September 2020 Looking for: Sales Agents Contact person: Hanna Kauppi Cellular: +358 50 344 1044 E-mail: Website:


Vitello Starts School

Starting school is not as fun as Vitello expected. The teacher decides everything, and making friends isn’t as easy as he thought. The first assignment the students are given is to draw their families. Vitello draws his Mum, but next to the other kids’ families, his drawing seems empty. In lack of an actual father, Vitello starts bragging about an imaginative dad so cool that all the other kids want to meet him and when the parent-child shelter trip is coming up, Vitello is in over his head.

Oliver Zahle, Danish director, scriptwriter, comedian, satirist, tv/radio host, speaker, musician, writer of children’s books. Director of Pendlerkids for DR Ramasjang and Iqbal Farooq (2015) feature films.

Original title: Vitello starter i skole Country: Denmark Director: Oliver Zahle Producer: Charlotte Pedersen Production Company: Zentropa Entertainments Total budget: Est. €2.500.000 Financier partners: pending Genre: Family Shooting start: June TBC Shooting Language: Danish Looking for: Distribution, Broadcasting Pre-Sales, Financing Contact person: Charlotte Pedersen Cellular: +45 20 11 47 46 E-mail: Website:


A Best Project Award will also be given out to the best pitch, as voted by the participants.