Nordic Co-Production Market

The 15th Nordic Co-Production and Finance Market takes place on Wednesday August 19th at New Nordic Films in Haugesund. At the event, films looking for a Nordic co-producer or co-financing, or to shoot in one of the Nordic countries, participates in 7-minute pitches for producers, investors, film funds, sales agents and others with a professional interest in co-productions. In addition, one to one meetings with interested industry delegates for each project were held after the pitches. 

The projects selected for the 2020 edition are:


Cop Secret

Bússi, the toughest super-cop in Iceland, investigates a string of strange bank robberies where nothing has been stolen.  To complicate things, he gets a new partner – his rival and biggest competition on the force – Hörður, which he recently kissed on a night out. To solve the case, prevent a catastrophe and catch the criminals, Bússi must find a way to work with his partner and accept himself and his feelings.

HANNES HALLDÓRSSON has directed two TV comedy series and has made over hundreds of commercials and music videos and has won numerous awards for his work.



Brother and sister. Despite being homeless they aim for another life. Poverty is what stands between them and a chance for a brighter future. Their desperation leads them into a criminal industry of ”Import-Export”. It’s a world of its own where your lineage and your education doesn’t determine your fate. Things take a radical turn when the merchandise they’re supposed to transport turns up in the form of two young girls. They are now forced to make a decision; do they become the people they used to fear? Or do they return to the streets? We follow the Twins during two intense days where all our notions of self- evident moral are turned upside down.

ISABELLA CARBONELL has written and directed several short films. Her film Boys was selected for Semain de la Critique in Cannes and won the Grand Jury Award at the AFI Film Festin 2015.



Emma, 18 is a figure skater on the cusp of making it big. MIMMI is an independent outcast who, after a fight during gym class, proclaims never to return to school. Emma notices Mimmi for the first time and invites her and her best friend RÖNKKÖ to a big party. The party gets out of hand and Emma manages to calm Mimmi down after a panic attack. This evening marks the beginning of their love story. RÖNKKÖ becomes jealous, and in a bid to find new friends she launches a pursuit to find sexual satisfaction and her true self.  For the three girls love, ambition and freedom is not an easy cocktail and this leads them to dangerous adventures and paths. In the end, Mimmi, Emma and Rönkkö must all choose what they are willing to fight for.

ALLI HAAPASALO’s debut feature Love and Fury was released in 2016. Her latest works include Shadow Lines (2019), a cold war spy drama and Force of Habit (2019), a feature film collectively made by seven writer-directors.



Jan has moved his little family to Greenland for a nursing job. Constantly on the run from his own childhood trauma, Jan dives into the easy casual sex of the Nuuk nightlife while his wife develops a pragmatic attitude and his two children stake out a life for themselves in the collectivist, no- nonsense Greenlandic culture. As Jan’s sex abuse spirals out of control, however, something has got to give, while his stoic little girl tries to stick by her vain and narcissistic father whatever happens. Kalak is the film adaptation of the autobiographic and award winning novel debut by Danish Norwegian author Kim Leine, who is writing the script together with Swedish Isabella Eklöf, who will also direct the film.

ISABELLA EKLÖF took Sundance by storm in 2018 with her debut Holiday, which among others won the Grand Prix at New Horizon. She co-wrote acclaimed Border (2018) by Ali Abbasi winner of Un Certain Regard at Cannes.



There is nothing ahead for the old man whose has lost his wife.  Only lack of purpose, sense of loss and loneliness. The relentless hissing of water boiling in the kettle brings to mind memories of love – or of not being loved – that persist beyond the grave. He sits, deep in thought, with the urn, filled with his wife ashes on the dining room table. He opens the urn, takes a spoonful of his dead wife’s remains and stirs it into a cup of boiled water. He drinks it and she appears to him again. He conducts silent conversations with her about all their deepest secrets. Riddled by guilt, he embarks on a journey of memories. Hot water, mixed with the ashes, along with the sound and images of the boiling kettle, are the leitmotif of the film.

ARI ALEXANDER ERGIS MAGNÚSSON has a degree in fine arts. He has mainly directed documentaries and was nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize in 2005 for Screaming Masterpiece. His first feature Mihkel premiered in 2018.



Aron works in the sewers under Oslo. He daydreams of life in the paradise of Cuba, and his dreams take the form of 1950’s travelogues in his head. He has never left Norway. He builds custom bikes for the local kids. He falls in love with Sussi, the wife of the local gang leader. The gang believes he has witnessed one of their murders and they are after him. He is unaware of this. Surly Detective Antonsen, who is investigating the murder, becomes an unlikely ally. But Aron is resourceful and brave in his own, odd way. He will turn the tables on his enemies. But he will need to escape his humdrum existence with his life, his longings and hopefully, his love, intact.

JAN VARDØEN was born in London, raised in Ireland. He has directed 5 features, won many festival prizes and is in production with several more. He runs the film centre OSLO16 and owns the vintage cinema Frogner Kino.



Hélène, a young Parisian woman, has lived happily in a relationship for many years with Mathieu. Their lives are turned upside down when Hélène is diagnosed with rare lung disease. The pressure of city life as well as the precautions and the constant over-attention of those around her oppress her. In search of answers, Hélène comes across the site of a Norwegian blogger who signs under the name of Mister. Himself sick, he uses his blog like a logbook, between sincerity and quirky humor. Reading the blog, she discovers those incredibleNorwegian landscapes. She decides to contact Mister. It’s the beginning of a decisive encounter; suddenly she feels capable of formulating what she is experiencing. Despite her difficulty in leaving Mathieu in Paris, Hélène follows her instinct and crosses Europe to Norway alone, in search of a new path. The striking beauty of these spaces and this unusual friendship with Mister do her good. In the heart of the fjords and under the bright light of the North, Hélène feels she can finally catch a new breath. Mathieu goes to Norway to help her return to Paris. Despite all their love, Hélène understands that she will have to take the new her path alone.

EMILY ATEF studied directing at the German Film Academy. She directed 3 Days in Quiberon which won 7 Lolas at the German Film Academy Awards and premiered in Official Competion at the Berlinale 2018. Her second film The Stranger In Me was selected at the Critic’s Week in Cannes 2008. All her films discuss existential journeys from a feminist point of view.


Norwegian Dream

Robert (19) a Polish immigrant working at a fish factory on the coast of Norway, realizes he has feelings for his Norwegian colleague Ivar (19). But Ivar turns out to be the local drag-queen. Robert is afraid his love will not be accepted among his Polish work mates. Ivar’s magnetic personality makes Robert start asking himself important questions: Who is he? What does he want from life? When his mother arrives on the Island looking for a new start, Robert feels responsible for helping her. A strike at the factory complicates things as Robert has to choose whether to become a scab to help his mother, or to join the strike with Ivar. Is Robert going to keep up his stereotypical Polish patriarchal mask, or is he going to follow his heart?

LEIV IGOR DEVOLD is educated at the Polish National Film School in Łódź. He holds a dual citizenship and debuted in Norwegian cinemas in 2015 with the documentary The Accidental Rock Star.



Ravengirl (12) has been kept out of society her entire life, unaware of her hidden powers. She lives up in the mountains between two powerful families who have been at war for generations. When she discovers her abilities a journey to find out who she is and where she belongs begins. She befriends the Earls son, and has to use her healing powers to save his life. Showing her skills she is accused of being a witch and must flee into the unknown territory of the rival Illunge family. She gets caught, imprisoned and made into a slave girl. A new friendship evolves between Ravengirl and the Illunge chief’s son, and soon she finds herself in the center of the conflict between the two families. As the battle escalates, she learns more and more about who she really is and where she comes from. She faces several impossible choices where she risks losing her friendships, herself and her life. Finally, she has to defy both families to bring peace and save her two friends. She must defy everyone – to find herself.

CHRISTIAN LO is a well-established director of children and family films. He aims to tell entertaining, challenging, dramatic and character-driven stories. His films want to tell the tweens’ stories in their own eye-height, with compassion and drive.



Resistance tells the story of an indigenous teenage girl who starts doubting her mother’s fight against a Norwegian hydroelectric company. As the villagers get divided, she finds herself having to choose between her mother’s fight and the company’s promise of a new life. This is a beautiful story about modern colonization and the desire to accept your heritage.

DALIA HUERTA CANO is a Mexican filmmaker, cinematographer and editor with a focus on documentaries and experimental films. Her work has been selected, exhibited and awarded on film festivals around the world.


Room for Travelers

Picturesquely situated by a lake in the countryside, Eva is running a sleepy guesthouse with her mentally unstable son Tord. Very few quests come by the guesthouse these days due to a newly opened detour around the small community. Elsewhere, Tilde, her husband Floyd and their newly born son Joel gets ready for a road trip. Tilde is adopted and has decided to look up Eva, her biological mother. But Eva is unaware that her own daughter is on her way, a daughter she hasn’t seen since she was a baby girl. When mother and daughter finally meet, the encounter immediately loses its thread when Tilde isn’t able to disclose who she is. Later that evening when Tilde is alone in the house she suddenly stands eye to eye with her mysterious brother Tord.

ÅSA KALMÉRis educated at L’Ecole Jaques Lecoq in Paris. Has directed more than 50 drama productions for theatre, TV, radio and film. Currently directing Happy Valley for Viaplay, based on Camilla Läckberg’s books.


The Scars of Ali Boulala

Ali Boulala became legendary in the late 1990s for being the most fearless and eccentric skateboarder of his time. In 2007, Ali and Shane Cross, his teammate and best friend, were in a tragic motorcycle accident in Australia. Ali ended up in a coma, and everything  in his life changed. Not only did he lose his ability to skate, but Shane was killed in the accident. After that Ali got lost in a long period of drug abuse but today, he has been sober for seven years. After a visit from one of his closest friends from the skateboarding era, an opportunity opens up for Ali to go back to revisit the site of the accident and meet Shane’s parents. He now must decide if he is ready to confront his past, or if some wounds just can’t be healed.

MAX ERIKSSON has worked as a documentary editor since completing his two short docs Tivoliland (2013) and Shut Eyes (2011). He is always looking for new stories and new ways to tell them. The Scars of Ali Boulala is his first feature doc.


Snot and Splash

During traveling, two boys, Snot and Splash witness a hole mysteriously appear in the sky – and a lot of waste falling down to a neighboring town. When they arrive at Grandma’s, they learn that keyholes of her house have disappeared. The boys find out that the local demented dentist has invented a technology with which you can grab a hole from wherever and move it into another place. These holes lead to the neighbouring town. The mayor wants his town to be the cleanest in the world and dumps all the waste into these holes. The waste disposal system starts to collapse and is about to swallow the whole world. Luckily the boys find out, that with imagination you can travel through a hole wherever you want to and manage to save the earth.

TEEMU NIKKI is a self-educated, awardwinning filmmaker and son of a pig farmer from Sysmä. His style is best described as a good willed yet unapologetic political satire of humanity. Previous films include Nimby (2020), All Inclusive (2019) and Euthanizer (2017).


The Squirrel

In the near future, Pasi (33), an animal designer, works day in and day out like a robot. But Pasi has not felt well lately. He goes to a doctor who tells him that he is simply depressed. Everything changes when Pasi finds a real squirrel, the last one on earth, wandering helplessly in the street. Although illegal and dangerous, Pasi decides to take the squirrel home with him. Everything goes well, until one day Pasi notices that the squirrel is depressed too. Like this isn’t bad enough, security officer Emilia is ordered to follow Pasi, who is acting suspiciously. Pasi decides to find a way to take the squirrel back to its natural living environment. He goes on a quest to save the squirrel – and more importantly – to find something real.

MARKUS LEHMUSRUUSU is a director focused on drama-comedies delivered with a deadpan, absurdist twist. His latest works include a drama-comedy about a young rapper who decides to become a bodybuilder.


Tiger Martindale’s Survival Experts

1990s. Sisters Wendy (16) and Audrey (11) live in Latvia with their dad Roger and his new wife Sherry from USA. When Roger suddenly dies, unwilling to face her father’s death and a now-uncertain future with an awful stepmother, daddy’s girl-turned-rebel Wendy leads her blind and unknowing sister, Audrey, on the adventure of a lifetime – braving the elements, hunger, wildlife, and the town’s growing search party, all under the guise of a fictitious survival competition hosted by Audrey’s television hero, wilderness guru Tiger Martindale.

SERGEI SERPUHOV entered the film industry over 16 years ago while living in London. He is the alumni of EAVE Producers Workshop and a member of Latvian Producers and Service Producers Associations.


Tuesday Club

Tuesday Club revolves around Karin, (in her 60’s). For years she has waited on her husband and daughter. Her life has in a way come to a stand still. Until one day when she, surrounded by her friends and family, celebrates her 40 year anniversary with her husband Sten. The table is set in their house, their friends are drinking their toast when Sten suddenly while showing off has a drunken accident at the very same second Karin realizes he’s having an affair. This discovery is the starting point for Karin to endeavor into something new. Slowly but surely she starts to live her own life again. She’s persuaded by her girl friends to join them on a cooking class. This will lead to new friendships, radical changes and great passion.

ANNIKA APPELIN has directed series and shorts and has a career behind the camera i.a working as technical and second unit director on several features with Scandinavia’s most well-established directors.


A Best Project Award will also be given out to the best pitch, as voted by the participants.

For more information on the films, see the Nordic Co-Production Market section of our catalogue HERE.