Nordic Co-Production Market

The projects to be pitched at the 2019 Nordic Co-Production and Finance Market have not yet been selected.



The 13th Nordic Co-Production and Finance Market was arranged August 22 at New Nordic Films in Haugesund. At the event, films looking for a Nordic co-producer or co-financing, or to shoot in one of the Nordic countries, was presented in 7-minute pitches for producers, investors, film funds, sales agents and others with a professional interest in co-productions. In addition, one to one meetings with interested industry delegates for each project was arranged after the pitches. 


Abbababb! 15_Abbababb!

In the late summer of 1980, eight-year-old Aron and the rest of his secret club aim to bring criminals to justice when a dynamite robbery draws their attention. Their ensuing adventure pits good vs. evil, disco vs. punk, and ends with love conquering all. A family film based on the hit musical of the same name.

Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir is a writer-director, producer and actress, a founding member of the theatre company Vesturport and a co-owner of Zik Zak Filmworks. Her debut short Playing with Balls (2014) premiered at TIFF.

Julius Kemp studied film directing at Surrey Institute of Art & Design. He has made a number of music videos which has become a springboard to full-length films.

Original title: Abbababb! Country: Iceland. Director: Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir Producer: Julius Kemp, Ingvar Thordarson. Production Company:  The Icelandic Film Company. Total budget: 3.300.000 EUR. Budget confirmed:  2.200.000 EUR. Financier partners: Icelandic Film Center, Sena Iceland. Genre: Musical. Shooting start: August 2019. Shooting language:  Icelandic. Looking for:  Co-Producers, distribution. Contact person:  Julius Kemp Cellular +354 6900090. E-mail: Website:


The Art of Fallingsnutt_fallteknikk_oversatt copy


A black coming-of-age comedy where we follow our young heroine’s stumbling steps into adulthood when facing the impossible truth: She’s pregnant. Rakel (18) moves out from her parent’s house. Finally, she’s going to be on her own and live life as she wants it to be. When Rakel, a little too late, finds out she’s pregnant after a not-so-romantic one night stand, her world changes.
Based on Inga Sætres comic graphic novel from 2011, which won The Brage Award, The Departement of Culture Award and was nominated to The Nordic Council’s Literature Prize for Best children’s and youth’s novel.

Yngvild Sve Flikke directed her debut feature Women In Oversized Men’s Shirts in 2015. Since then Flikke has directed the short Apple and two episodes of the drama series Home Ground (Berlinale 2018). She’s currently directing four episodes of Home Ground, season 2.

Yngve Sæther has since 2001 produced and co-produced around 20 features for Motlys, among them titles like The Man Who Loved YngveOslo, August 31st and Home Ground.

Original title: Fallteknikk Country: Norway Director: Yngvild Sve Flikke Producer: Yngve Sæther Production Company: Motlys Total budget: 843.970 EUR Budget confirmed: 593.000 EUR Financier partners: Norwegian Film Institute Genre: Comedy Shooting start: May 2019 Shooting language: Norwegian Looking for: Norwegian distributor, co-producer, international sales agent, TV pre-sales, international festivals Contact person: Yngve Sæther Cellular: +47 924 09 710 E-mail: Website:


Aurora Aurora

In a small town in the north of Norway, Ilka, a Brazilian immigrant based in Europe for over twenty years, is prepared to go to any lengths to save the future she has always dreamt of for Anton, her impetuous teenage son. This is a story about violence and displacement in contemporary Europe told through the lens of a mother’s unconditional love for her son.

Karim Aïnouz is a Brazilian film director and visual artist. His films have premiered in Berlin, Cannes, and Venice. Aïnouz is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Eliane Ferreira is a Brazilian producer with a diverse experience in audiovisual production including fiction, documentary and animation.

Original title: Aurora Country: Brazil Director: Karim Aïnouz Producer: Eliane Ferreira and Pablo Iraola Production Company: Muiraquitã Filmes Total budget: 2.100.000 EUR Budget confirmed: 652.173,91 EUR (applied for) Financier partners: The Audiovisual Sector Fund – FSA (Brazilian Federal Fund) Genre: Fiction Shooting start: March, 2020 Shooting language: Norwegian Looking for: Co-production and financing partners Contact person: Eliane Ferreira Cellular: + 55 11 94166 4286 E-mail:


Bonsai Kitten20_Bonsai kitten

A father kidnaps his daughters from turning into little princesses. A mother kidnaps her son from turning into a ticking cockroach. We follow these lost families down a spiralling road in a desperate attempt to reclaim their children. Does it really take a village to raise a child, or can you Do-It-Yourself in an improvised home school by the side of the road? Un-schooling. Brainwashing. Uprising. In “Bonsai kitten” a new generation of parents are about to try their wings.

Viktor Johansson, author and director. Novels includes “Den mörka sporten” and ”Bonsaikatt“. He’s developed a distinct visual storytelling through his acclaimed features “Under Gottsunda” and “Himmel över Flogsta

Hedvig Lundgren, working at Fasad since 2011, filmography ”As we’re
told” (2017), ”Jimmie” (2018), ”The Raft” 2018, ”The Night” (2017) etc.
Malin Hüber, is a producer with titles such as “She’s wild again tonight” (2015), “The Quiet Roar” (2015) is currently in post-production with “Lucky One” dir. by Mia Engberg.

Original title: BONSAIKATT Country: SWEDEN Director: VIKTOR JOHANSSON Producer: HEDVIG LUNDGREN, MALIN HÜBER Production Company: FASAD Total budget (in Euro): 1,060 000 € Budget confirmed (in Euro): 19,000 € Financier partners: SWEDISH FILM INSTITUTE, SVT, FILM I VÄST Genre: DRAMAShooting start: FALL 2019 Shooting language: SWEDISH (NORWEGIAN or FINNISH) Looking for: FINANCIERS, CO-PRODUCERS, PRIVATE FUNDS, DISTRIBUTORS Contact person: HEDVIG LUNDGREN Cellular: +46706628215 E-mail: Website:


Candy Boy

Inspired by true events: At the height of the Danish porn industry in the early 1970s, Max, a boy from a conservative home, falls in love with Anita, whose father turns out to be a porn mogul. When Max is drawn into the family business, boundaries are crossed and ethics are put to the test.

Marc Brummund graduated from Hamburg Media School with his Student Oscar-nominated short Gaining Ground. His debut Sanctuary won numerous awards and was shortlisted as the German entry to the Oscars.

Dirk Decker is one of two founders of Tamtam Film. As the producer of numerous films, he is an EAVE alumni and member of the European Film Academy.


Original title: Candy Boy Country: Germany, Denmark Director: Marc Brummund Producers: Andrea Schütte & Dirk Decker (Tamtam Film, Hamburg), Signe Leick Jensen & Morten Kaufmann (Toolbox Film, Copenhagen) Production Company: Tamtam Film, Toolbox Film Total budget: 5.000.000 EUR Budget confirmed: 130.000 EUR Financier partners: Danish Film Institute (DFI), Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH), Creative Europe MEDIA Programme of the European Union Genre: Drama Shooting start: 2020 Shooting language: Danish, German Looking for: A project of this magnitude will only be possible with binding commitments from partners in financing, producing and exploitation. In Haugesund we are therefore looking for an exchange with potential co-producers and broadcasting representatives as well as partners from financing and sales. Contact person: Dirk Decker Cellular: + 49 170 8189751 E-mail: Website:


Dolly for President

Yasse is 14 years old and lives with her young mother Almaz in a suburb of Stockholm, but get put in a foster family by the Social Services, who believes her mother can not be a sufficient parent. The film revolves around issues of vulnerability and parenting but also love.dolly for president

Lenken’s films has all been award-winning successes. Her first feature: MY SKINNY SISTER. Shorts in selection: THE ARTIST HAS A CHILD, NIGHT CHILD, EATING LUNCH. She directed TV-series DOUBLE LIFE.

Rogell’s track record contain the award-winning features; THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE, CONCERNING VIOLENCE, MY SKINNY SISTER and KIKI, all premiered at A-festivals, with high rating and world wide spread.

Original title: Dolly For President Country: Sweden Director: Sanna Lenken Producer: Annika Rogell Production Company: Tangy Total budget (in Euro): 1,655,000 Budget confirmed (in Euro): 145,000 Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute Genre: Drama Shooting start: 2019 Shooting language: Swedish Looking for: Co-producers, funds, sales, distributors Contact person: Annika Rogell Cellular: +46-708556477 E-mail: Website:




The balmy summer nights ignite a yearning in the normally level-headed Ragnhild, 12, her cousin Dutch Agnes and her BFF Wille. It’s like a fever. Ragnhild suggests they head into the Norwegian woods for a sleepover. But when the outsider Julie tags along, Ragnhild is plunged into an impulsive and wild trip that pushes her boundaries. She learns to let go of caution, surrender to the moment, to the unexpected gifts of life.

Guro Ekornholmen graduated from the Norwegian Film School in 2004. She has directed short films, commercials, tv-documentaries, theatre plays and music videos. Free is her debut feature film.

Trine Aadalen Lo has produced three feature films and a number of award-winning short films. She is a 2017 EAVE graduate and is currently co-producing her first international film.

Original title: Fri Country: Norway Director: Guro Ekornholmen Producer: Trine Aadalen Lo & Nicholas Sando Production Company: Filmbin Total budget: approx. 11.200.000 EUR Genre: Drama Shooting start: Summer 2019 Shooting language: Norwegian, Dutch Looking for: Financing, distribution, sales Contact person: Trine Aadalen Lo Cellular: +47 902 06 556 E-mail: Website:


The Great BearSuuriKarhureferenssi(metsä)

Annika, 35, meets a charismatic shaman Grigori, 47, telling her that he sees Annika’s pain and the spiritual gift hidden within her.  Annika leaves everything and follows Grigori and his wife Natalia, 53, up north, to begin her training to become a shaman.
They set up a family of sorts in an old abandoned house. Grigori teaches Annika. They practice shamanism, and petty crimes for money. One day Grigori takes a new apprentice; another young woman. Annika’s time with Grigori and Natalia seems to be up. The situation turns threatening but now Annika proves to be much more than just a victim.

Jan Forsström directed Princess of Egypt (Mannheim-Heidelberg 2013) as his debut. He’s written 5 films including Zaida Bergroth’s Miami (Toronto 2017) and JP Valkeapää’s The Visitor (Venice 2008).

Kaarle Aho has produced 12 feature films and 40 documentaries including The Fencer (Golden Globe nominee 2016) and Little Wing (Nordic Film Prize 2017).

Original title: Suuri karhu Country: Finland Director: Jan Forsström Producer: Kaarle Aho Production Company: Making Movies Oy Total budget: 1.500.000 EUR Budget confirmed: 105.000 EUR Financier partners: Finnish Film Foundation, Eurimages development prize, Creative Europe Genre: Drama/suspense Shooting start: August 2019 Shooting language: English, Finnish, Lithuanian Looking for: Sales agents, financiers, co-producers Contact person: Kaarle Aho Cellular + 358 40 725 3936 E-mail: Website:



When a gangster is killed, his wife becomes the new head of family.

Philip Staal Holds BA in directing.Co-founder of Squid Flick. Director for Ultimate Showreels. Films include award-winning short Small Steps, and the cinema advert for the 2018 Oslo staging of Phantom of the Opera

Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson. CEO Fenrir Films. Holds MA in producing. Produced several features. 30+ IMDB credits

Original title: Lily Country: UK/Iceland Director: Philip Staal Producer: Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson Production Company: Fenrir Films, Squid Flick Total budget: 60.000 EUR Budget confirmed:14.000 EUR Financier partners: Squid Flick, Fenrir Films Genre: Crime/Thriller Shooting start: April 2019 Shooting language: English Looking for: Co-producers, financiers, distribution, sales agent Contact person: Philip Staal Cellular: +44 07727 238 836 E-mail: Website:


Margaret – Queen of the Northmargarete_queen_of_the_north_promo

A kingdom, two sisters and their fight for the throne. When the King of Denmark dies in 1375, his daughters, Margaret and Ingeborg are turned into rivals. This is the beginning of a long and bitter enmity. Margaret, who is beloved by the people, wins at first, but the price is high and her enemies are not yet defeated. After the death of Margaret’s husband, the Norwegian King, even her son Olav dies under mysterious circumstances. This leads to new battles for the thrones in the North.


Kerstin Ramcke TatortGloomy SundagIn Love and War, Wilfried Hauke Luther Code, The Wild Queen, Martin Persson Steget efter, A Royal affair, HippHipp.

Original title: Margaret, Queen of the North Country: Germany / Sweden / Norway Script-Development: Wilfried Hauke, Anke Winschewski, Erik Ahrnbom Producer: Kerstin Ramcke, Christian Friedrichs,Wilfried Hauke, Martin Persson Production Company: Nordfilm/Letterbox & Anagram Total budget: 18.000.000 EUR Budget confirmed: 100.000 EUR for development Financier partners:  Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein & Film i Skåne Genre: Historical drama series 8 x 58 min Shooting start: 2020/2021 Shooting language: English Looking for: Broadcaster, Head writer, Director, World sales Contact person:  Wilfried Hauke / Kerstin Ramcke / Christian Friedrichs Cellular:  +49-1706355993 / +49-1702279520 / +49-1632547487 E-mail: Website:



One-Off Incident (x10) One-off Incident (1)

Moments in life that are called one-off incidents. But how come have all women experienced them?
A feature film, a collection of short films for the web, and an impact campaign, developed by a collective of a dozen female filmmakers. One-off Incident (x10) discloses and deconstructs the invisible use of power towards women both in private lives and in the society.

Kirsikka Saari is a Finnish screenwiter and director. She has written two feature films and directed many short films among else. She has been Oscar-nominated and noted on many valued festivals.

Elli Toivoniemi is a Finnish producer. Her versatile filmography includes three feature films (latest Stupid Young Heart) and several short films.

Original title: Yksittäistapaus (x10) Country: Finland Director: Kirsikka Saari Producer: Elli Toivoniemi Production Company: Tuffi Films Total budget: 1.072.000 EUR Budget confirmed: 442.000 EUR Financier partners: Kone Foundation, YLE, The Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK Genre: Drama Shooting start: April 2018 Shooting language: Finnish Looking for: Post-production partners, Sales agent Contact person: Elli Toivoniemi Cellular: +358 40 172 1778 E-mail: Website:


The Opponent Motståndaren

In a desolate village in the north of Sweden, a riveting secret love affair between a former Iranian olympic wrestler and his team mate sets off violent repercussions for him and his family as his hidden past emerges. Masculinity, love and violence pervade this modern psychological mystery-thriller

Milad Alami´s feature film debut THE CHARMER opened New director´s in San Sebastian 2017, and has been awarded with several of prizes. Shorts that has been rewarded includes: Mommy and Void (2015), Mini (2014).

Annika Rogell’s track record contain the award-winning features; THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE, CONCERNING VIOLENCE, MY SKINNY SISTER and KIKI, all premiered at A-festivals, with high rating and world wide spread.

Original title: Motståndaren Country: Sweden Director: Milad Alami Producer: Annika Rogell Production Company: Tangy Total budget (in Euro): 1,800,000 Budget confirmed (in Euro): 145,000 Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute Genre: Drama Shooting start: 2019 Shooting language: Swedish, Persian, English Looking for: Co-producers, Funds, sales, distributors Contact person: Annika Rogell Cellular: +46-708556477 E-mail: Website:


The Penultimate The Penultimate

The Penultimate is a blackly comic kafkaesque story of a somewhat insignificant Water Inspector enters an apartment building, placed in a desolated area, in order to register the metering of all the residents’ radiators. Before he knows it, he finds himself trapped inside the building, facing an Alice in Wonderland-like maze of obstacles. In his attempts to escape, he is faced with several dilemmas, which eventually lead him to shed his humanity in his quest for just simply being.

Jonas Kærup Hjort graduated from the Danish National Film School in 2017, with the acclaimed short film In A Month. His film won the Talent Award at Odense International Film Festival 2017, and travelled at festivals such as Venice Days.

Rikke Tambo Andersen, producer from Copenhagen Denmark, works with both fiction and documentary. One of her recent titles includes the Nordic:DOX Award Winner “Lykkelænder”.

Original title: The Penultimate Country: Denmark Director: Jonas Kærup Hjort Producer: Rikke Tambo Andersen Production Company: Tambo Film Total budget: 940.300 EUR Budget confirmed: 78.500 EUR Financier partners: The Danish Film Institute Genre: Absurd horror Shooting start: Medio 2019 Shooting language: Danish Looking for: Broadcasters, Festivals, Sales Agents, Co-Producers Contact person: Rikke Tambo Andersen Cellular: +45 40373031 E-mail: Website:




The Postman

In the winter of 1992, Kabul is about to change forever. Amir, a postman, braves the impending civil war to deliver letters on his regular route.

Siddiq Barmak is an award winning Afghan director. His debut feature Osama (2003) won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film and screened at festivals across the world.

Karsten Stöter founded Rohfilm Factory in 2016. He is a member of the European Film Academy, German Film Academy and on the Managing Board of the German producers association.

Original title: The Postman Country: Afghanistan Director: Siddiq Barmak Producer: David Wahab, Karsten Stöter Production Company: Rohfilm Factory & Star Media Total budget: 2.000.000 EUR Budget confirmed: 30.000 EUR Financier partners: Medienbaord Berlin-Brandenburg Genre: Drama Shooting start: March 2019 Shooting language: Dari Looking for: Co-producers, distributors, sales, equity investors Contact person: Karsten Stöter Cellular +49 173 6069601 E-mail: Website:


Quake Haugesund - Quake

After being hit by a fierce epilepsy seizure Saga’s life changes forever. Long forgotten repressed memories from her childhood suddenly start to come back, forcing her to face a disturbing truth about her past, and present, and her role in life as a daughter, sister, partner and mother.

Tinna Hrafnsdóttir is a director, actress, screenwriter and producer both in theatre and films. She has made two award winning short films, HELGA (2016) and MUNDA (2017). Quake is her first feature.

Hlin Johannesdóttir has produced number of feature fiction, documentaries and shorts, mostly international co-productions, latest “The Swan” premiered Toronto 2017.

Original title: Quake Country: Iceland Director: Tinna Hrafnsdóttir Producer: Hlin Johannesdóttir Production Company: Ursus Parvus Total budget (in Euro):1.8m Financier partners: Icelandic Film Centre, RUV, Sena (Icelandic theatrical), The Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation Genre: Drama Shooting start: Winter 2019 Shooting language: Icelandic Looking for: Co-production partners, sales- & distribution Contact person: Hlin Johannesdottir Cellular: +354 6954230 E-mail: Website:


Sagres Sagres 2

Ill-matched sisters Nilo and Maya are forced on a road trip through Europe to pick up Maya’s son from his grandmother in Portugal. Without anyone’s consent, Nilo’s teenage daughter also joins the journey.
From Sweden to teenage heartbreak in Germany, through an unrequited fling in a French karaoke pub, we reach the culmination of a conflict- and laughter filled journey at the cliffs of Sagres in Portugal; this is what happens when you have to deal with your own failures, and those of your sister.

Lovisa Sirén is an award-winning writer/director. Her films have been screened at, among others, Locarno FF and Sundance. Two of her films have been nominated for the Guldbagge.

Siri Hjorton Wagner has produced several award-winning films, among them 6A that was nominated for the Berlinale Generation 14Plus prize and won the Guldbagge in 2017.

Original title: Sagres Country: Sweden, Germany Director: Lovisa Sirén Producer: Siri Hjorton Wagner Production Company: [sic] film (Sweden), In Good Company (Germany) Total budget: 1.924.000 EUR Budget confirmed: 57.214 EUR Financier partners: Swedish Film Institute, Film Capital Stockholm Genre: Road Movie Shooting start: Summer 2019 Shooting language: Swedish, English, French Looking for: Funding, Distribution, Sales, TV Contact person: Siri Hjorton Wagner Cellular: +46739316563 E-mail: Website:


Sihja SIHJA picture lores

Sihja is a young, charming and a little outrageous fairy, who leaves her forest home. In the city, she meets a sensitive new friend Alfred (10). Sihja loves the newly found organized urban shapes and the orderly habits that humans have. The friends have a lot of fun, until one day dead birds appear on the city streets. The smelly fertilizer factory could be the culprit, but when Sihja reveals her uncontrolled fairy powers, people suspect her. Alfred and Sihja must find out what is threatening the nature. With clever and brave investigation, they manage to prevent an environmental disaster.

Marja Pyykkö is an experienced, and award-winning director of popular TV series and feature films. She has directed three feature films, her latest was awarded in the New York Nordic Film Festival in 2017.

Venla Hellstedt and Elli Toivoniemi are both partners in Tuffi Films. They are active members in the film industry and are inspired by innovative filmmaking and international co-productions.

Original title: Sihja Country: Finland Director: Marja Pyykkö Producer: Venla Hellstedt, Elli Toivoniemi Production Company: Tuffi Films Total budget: 2.500.000 EUR Budget confirmed: 662.780 EUR Financier partners: YLE, SF Studios, The Finnish Film Foundation, Church Media Foundation Genre: Drama, Adventure, Fantasy Shooting start: August 2019 Shooting language: Finnish Looking for: Sales agent, finance partners Contact person: Venla Hellstedt Cellular: +358 40 9309905 E-mail: Website:

The TwinTwin 2050pix NO text2

Every parent’s worst nightmare is just the beginning for Rachel’s ordeal as in the aftermath of a tragic accident, she and her husband Anthony decide to move to the other side of the world to focus on their surviving twin son Elliot.

What begins as a time of healing and isolation in the Scandinavian countryside turns into a desperate battle for the very soul of their son as an entity claiming to be his dead twin brother takes over Elliot – setting Rachel on a diabolical journey to unravel the horrible truth about her twin son.

Taneli Mustonen is the director and co-writer of the Scandi horror hit and SXSW standout film Lake Bodom. With four Finnish B.O. successes under his belt, he was named by Variety as one of Ten Nordic Talents to track in 2016.

Aleksi Hyvärinen is a Finnish producer. He co-wrote and produced Mustonen’s previous horror film Lake Bodom under their joint Don Films banner.

Original title: The Twin Country: Finland Director: Taneli Mustonen Producer: Aleksi Hyvärinen Production Company: Don Films Total budget: 2 500 000 EUR Financier partners: Finnish Film Foundation Genre: Elevated Horror Shooting start: mid to late 2019 Shooting language: English Looking for: sales agent, financiers, co-producers Contact person: Aleksi Hyvärinen Cellular: +358 50 551 4561 E-mail: Website:

A Best Project Award will also be given out to the best pitch, as voted by the participants. Last year’s winner of the award was the Norwegian project My Wife, My Replica and I. (Producer: Maria Ekerhovd/Mer Film, director: Ole Giæver)