23. August 2018

Nordic Script Pitch was arranged for the seventh time at New Nordic Films, Wednesday 22 August. Five Nordic screenwriters will pitch their scripts seeking producers and/or directors. Each pitch lasted around 7 minutes.

The session was organized in collaboration with Writer’s Guild of Norway. The screenwriters also participated in a mini-workshop with Kirsten Bonnén Rask, CEO, Sørnorsk filmfond. The best pitch was decided by popular vote.


The winner of the Nordic Script Pitch Award 2018 is:

VERGO (Iceland)

Pètur (12) lives with his father Atli (45), a professor in astrophysics. Pètur’s mother Maria is in a coma and the doctors say there is no hope. Atli loses it. He is contacted by aliens who can heal Maria. He steals her from the hospital to meet them. Pètur is terrified but is obliged to help him. They drive through the highlands in an old van with Maria in the back to the remote north of Iceland where the aliens are awaiting. This becomes a crazy, dangerous and emotional journey. In the end there are no aliens and Maria dies.
ÁSTHILDUR KJARTANSDÓTTIR has worked as a writer, director and producer for the last thirty years. She has written, directed and produced shorts, documentaries and TV programs. Ásthildur is now post-producing her first feature.
Haugesund 22082018

Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir in Haugesund. (Photo: Jan Kåre Ness)

The Writer’s Guild of Norway is an independent writers’ organization whose purpose is to protect the artistic and financial interests of writers for film, television, radio and theatre. Founded in 1938, the Guild currently has approximately 300 members.

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