Nordic Script Pitch

The programme for the 2019 edition of Nordic Script Pitch is not yet ready.

Last year’s script pitches:



(Photo: Ida Eliassen-Cokere)

Ingenting å være redd for


Fur and Fear is a story about a child who falls in love with a kitten and a father who hates furry creatures. It looks like a battle between sense and feelings and turns out to be a battle between two different kinds of feelings, namely antipathy and sympathy for the little creature. This will be a movie for people aged 5 years and older. The location is a Norwegian fishing village in 2018 with live actors and drawing animation in the scenes where the child is processing her losses and plan new strategies to achieve her goal, the kitten.

Ingeborg Eliassen grew up on a small island near the North Sea. She has written children’s books and a large number of stage plays.





PABBI KARENARIllustrasjonsbilde

Karen’s dad Helgi is an arts student and not at all ready to be a father, but risks losing Karen after her mother Embla commits suicide.The story is told by Embla from beyond the grave after we witness her last days on Earth.We then follow the grieving Helgi as he fights the child services, his overbearing mother and himself, only getting help from the chubby muslim drag queen upstairs. As the film progresses, helpless little Helgi slowly blossoms into Karen’s dad.


Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson is an Icelandic playwright who writes for Reykjavík City Theatre and The National Theatre of Iceland. He lives in Amsterdam where a translation of his work premieres next year. His play Bláskjár was read live at the Comédie Française as part of the Avignon Festival 2018.



KILPISJÄRVI 278 KMKilpisjärvi278km


Kilpisjärvi 278 km is a roadmovie on a huskysafari set in Finnish Lapland. Selma, Juha and Eva have all experienced great loss and are struggling to keep on living their lives. Selma has lived in the north her whole life, breeding dogs, and has now been forced to give up her safari business. Her son Juha grieves over his failed marriage. Eva is young widow, determined to find her inner peace. Their expedition into the wilderness becomes a life altering experience, forcing them to face questions about love, forgiveness and origin.


Daniela Hakulinen is a screenwriter working diversely in film and television and is best known for the miniseries The Limit (2014).  She lives in Helsinki, but grew up in Lapland. She has a dog.






Visual artist Lena returns emotionally broken to her Sami childhood village with her young son Jonas Anta. When she meets Mahtte, a traditional reindeer herder mentored by his mother Garen to become the future manager, she is reminded of the life she had to give up when her father sold their herd. When Mahtte and Lena fall deeply in love, family traditions test their commitment. Together and separately they must reconsider what they value and who they are loyal to; their heritage and elders or each other.


Sara M. Oskal is a Sami writer and filmmaker with a PhD in Performing Arts from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Formerly a reindeer herder, she now explores tradition and modernity in her work.






Vergo Petur+Bíll Still 2 Kvm

Pétur (12) lives with his father Atli (45), a professor in Astrophysics. Pétur’s mother Maria is in a coma and

the doctors say there is no hope. Atli loses it. He is contacted by aliens who can heal Maria. He steals her from the hospital to meet them. Pétur is terrified but is obliged to help him. They drive the highlands in an old van with Maria in the back to the remote north of Iceland where the aliens are awaiting. This becomes a crazy, dangerous and emotional journey.  In the end there are no aliens and Maria dies.


Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir has worked as a writer, director and producer for the last thirty years. She has written directed and produced shorts, documentaries and TV programs. Ásthildur is now post producing her first feature.

Winner 2019: VERGO