Books at Haugesund – The Ghost Network: Activate

The Ghost Network: Activate by Gillian Philip, with series creator Aleksi Delikouras



Despite coming from different ends of the world, John, Slack, Akane and Salome, aged 13, have plenty in common. They share an extraordinary level of intelligence. They love computers. Coding, hacking, gaming – it flows through their veins. Literally. One more thing: they’re all technically dead. John has recently moved to Alaska with his family after the mysterious disappearance of his father, world-famous surgeon Mikael Laine. He seeks solace in his online friendship with Akane, an adrenaline junkie who lives with her long-suffering grandmother Obasan and parents in Tokyo. Together with Slack, the group goof around online with minor online hacks. Once day, however, a practical joke goes wrong and John and Slack are sent to the Wolf’s Den, a top-secret school for technological excellence based on the westernmost tip of Alaska. There they meet Salome, and initially flourish among the technological geniuses they compete against on a daily basis. But when a virus infects the center’s hardware and causes chaos, the group starts to suspect something strange is going on. John overhears a conversation about a mysterious venture known only as Project 31. He soon realizes that the group are the subjects of this mysterious project – and they are being hunted. While John, Slack and Salome are planning their escape from the Center, Akane discovers documents revealing that all of them would in fact be dead if it weren’t for John’s father. He saved them all as young children by implanting Artificial Intelligence in their bloodstream. Slowly but surely, the group realize their would-be guru at the Wolf’s Den, Roy Lykos, brought them to the center and seeks to benefit from them. Military personnel arrive on the island and Salome hijacks a helicopter to enable an escape across the brutal Alaskan tundra. After a dramatic journey, the group unites with Akane on the mainland before a bombshell arrives. Mikael makes contact with John to tell them he is still alive – only to vanish again with just a final cry for help lingering in the air.As the series continues, the group’s newfound role takes them all over the world in a white-knuckle adventure series where they take down wrongdoers in the Dark web and beyond. All the while they need to avoid detection from their own enemies, search for John’s dad and find out if there are more kids like them in other tech schools across the globe.


About the agency: 

Kaiken Entertainment is an entertainment company based out of Los Angeles, Helsinki and Vancouver specializing in storytelling through TV, film, digital products, licensing and publishing with a team that has achieved the impossible many times over. We discover, develop and create original IPs with potential to build multimedia franchises around them.


Contact: Annika Remes (

Books at Haugesund – Stormbirds (Stormfuglar)

Stormbirds (Stormfuglar) by Einar Karason


Stormbirds is the intense and dramatic story of the desparate struggle for survival of 32 fishermen with a ship filled with redfish when they are hit by a three-day ice storm in the glacial waters of the North Atlantic. This novella of 124 pages is inspired by true events and written by the Icelandic author Einar Karason, a genial storyteller. Incredibly athmospheric title that has the reader feeling the rise and sway of the ship and when the storm hits we sense the darkness, the freezing cold and the terror that threatens to weaken their minds when they can ill afford to loose control. From the fishing grounds around them can be heard distress signals from other ships in the same situation can be heard. It is a battle of life and death.


About the agency:

Forlagid is the largest publishing house in Iceland, publishing about 200 titles a year. 45 employees. As well as publishing under 5 publishing labels (Forlagid, Idunn, Vaka-Helgafell, JPV, Mal & menning) we own the largest brick and mortar bookstore of Iceland as well as being the largest online retailer of books. Forlagid Rights Agency represents authors and titles on behalf of the company in the field of literary fiction, crime fiction, classics, narrative non-fiction, non-fiction and children books.

Contact: Sif Johannsdottir (

Books at Haugesund – Andromeda

Andromeda by Lars Mæhle 


The story begins in the present day, in a tiny valley in Western Norway. 16 year-old Simon receives a glass display case containing an endangered butterfly, the clouded Apollo. On its other side, he finds a message scrawled on a yellow post-it note. “Simon! There are a few times in life when you find a specimen so rare you just know you have to break every rule, sacrifice everything to get your hands on it. Now it’s your turn – go out and hold up your end of the deal. Pippin.” The plot then travels five months back in time. The reader follows the story as it moves towards the present day.

Simon is from Oslo, tough, nearly two metres tall… and a foster child with a complicated upbringing. At school in the capital, he’s part of a social circle that engage in “beefing”, when gangs make plans online to meet up and fight. After one of these violent incidents, Simon gets arrested by the police, and social services forcibly relocate him to a tiny valley in Western Norway. New foster parents (Roar and Marlene). New class. Simon reckons it’s going to be easy as pie to set himself up here. But things don’t quite go as he expected. He has his hands full with the segway-riding
weirdo Ola, Mattias the football star, three bullies (Sindre, William and Samuel) and their victim Pippin, as well as the girls he meets, who make a deep impression on him – against his will. Lisa, the
student council representative with a mentally ill mother, and last but not least the astronomy-loving emo Kaja, who literally introduces Simon to new universes. During a school trip to an activity camp, Sindre, William and Samuel almost kill Pippin. They lock him in a sauna and turn the temperature up to max. Simon, Ola and Mattias are late to the scene, but manage to save him. Just. Then, at last, Simon falls in love with Kaja. But because he sees her as a nerd, he refuses to admit his feelings out loud. He also suspects that Kaja has a dark secret, and that many of the valley’s inhabitants are covering up a very nasty affair. Eventually, all the characters come together for a party on the 16th of May (one day before Norway’s national day) to celebrate the end of their 10th year of education. It is at this moment that all the characters’ lies, schemes and true selves are brought to the light. Simon makes the deal with Pippin. And Kaja’s secret (that she and several other young girls were raped by William’s older brother) is uncovered in a dramatic climax.

In the final chapter, the plot returns to the present. Simon makes his way over to the house-next-door, where Kaja lives, with glass case and butterfly in hand. At last, he has come to terms with who he is and what he feels. At last, he is finally ready to make his move with her.

About the agency: Samlaget celebrates their 150 years anniversary this year. They publish quality literature in all genres in Neo Norwegian (nynorsk). Samlaget’s publications have often been nominated and received prices for innovative and important books for children and young adult.

Contact: Eirin Hagen (

Books at Haugesund – Jomsviking

Jomsvkiking by Bjørn Andreas Bull Hansen



Year 993. During an attack east of Viken in Norway, Torstein is forced to witness his father’s execution and is taken as a slave.
With extensive knowledge of the period and a sharp eye for details, the author brings us close to Torstein Tormodson, who’s enslaved and later lives as an outlaw, before he becomes a warrior and mercenary for the infamous brotherhood of the Jomsvikings. Along the way, Torstein’s destiny is intertwined with that of Olav Trygvasson. Jomsviking was hailed as a masterpiece by the critics and spent several weeks at the top of the bestseller list during last summer and is now sold in eight territories. A book for all fans of the TV-series The Vikings – and for people who wants to experience these dramatic years in Norwegian history, with portrayals of legendary events such as the Battle of Svolder and the killing of Olav Trygvason.


About the agency:

Northern Stories is a new, independent literary agency representing some of the best writers in Norway, with a fine mix of established profiles and promising authors.


Contact: Thomas Mala (


Books at Haugesund – The Heart is But A Muscle (Hjärtat är bara en muskel)

The Heart is But A Muscle (Hjärtat är bara en muskel) by Kristoffer Ahlström 



It starts with a car accident. Elisabeth survives but Isak dies. In reality, our story begins far earlier. With a tragedy that causes her to leave her beloved Gotland isle, the place where she
belongs but can never return to. Elisabeth moves to Stockholm, to look for anonymity, to forget and to hide. After a time the loneliness seems to hard to bare. Then one day, she sees
Isak and he becomes her chosen one. He has a look in his eyes that seems to want to tell her something, it makes her feel real and she decides to chart his existence, catch him and take
care of him. They start a passionate relationship that quickly devolves into a power struggle, and she can no longer decide who’s controlling whom? As she lies in the hospital after his death, she tries to piece together her fragmented memories. What does she really know about Isak? Bit by bit their story is unveiled; a story about great passion, love’s ownership, fear and jealousy. Of what happened on that fateful night. True to fantastic love stories, an all-consuming love easily transforms and is less overwhelming in time. Class differences and different backgrounds makes for growing jealousy and disturbing secrets in this exquisitely written literary novel. Published in September 2017, The heart is but a muscle received overwhelming reviews in several of Sweden’s largest newspapers, calling the novel ”extremely well written and composed”. The reading experience is described as ”trying to untangle a riddle at the same time as listening to a string instrument which gives you tears in your eyes”, and the author is praised for being able to depict love’s physical alchemy as well as taking both words and life itself seriously.


About the agency: 

Nordin Agency is an author agency based in Stockholm. The agency represents some of the best Scandinavian authors and work with their rights worldwide on all markets. We like to say that we are the first author agency in Sweden, founded in 1990. Yes, it is true that both August Strindberg and Astrid Lindgren also had passionate people – you could call them great agents – that successfully got their manuscripts published and dramatized worldwide. We are proud to be part of this tradition of bringing the best of Scandinavian authors to readers, listeners and viewers everywhere. Authors represented: Camilla Läckberg, Viveca Sten, Emelie Schepp, Martin Österdahl, Louise Boije af Gennäs, Susanne Alakoski, Simona Ahrnstedt, Steve Sem Sandberg, Carin Gerhardsen, Anna Fredriksson, Pascal Engman, Marie Hermanson, Fredrik T Olsson mfl.


Contact: Judith Toth (



Books at Haugesund – Where There Are Birds (Hvor der er fugle)

Were There Are Birds (Hvor der er fugle) by Maren Uthaug 



Where There Are Birds is a magnificent story about lust and lies and the many truths surrounding the darkest of secrets. Johan loves Hannah, but when he is told that the job he needs to support his mother demands the company of a wife, he marries Marie, the priest’s daughter. Johan is then able to take on the position as keeper of the octagonal lighthouse out in the North Atlantic, a few kilometers from the small fishing village of Uthaug in Norway, but this also means that he must leave his true love behind. Marie soon gives birth to Darling and later Valdemar, their son, who does not speak and believes himself to be a calf. Later, as a result of Johan and Darling’s close relationship, Darling becomes pregnant, but abandons her child at the lighthouse and escapes to America with her former governess, the outspoken Gudrun from Denmark. The novel begins in the 1920s and follows the family over decades as more secrets are revealed through ever-shifting perspectives as Johan, Darling and Marie recount their lives. With each new perspective new secrets come to light, but also new versions of the truth. What is dark and unhealthy from one perspective is natural and desirable from another. Fatty, the local rich man, is a disgusting person from Johan’s point of view, but a romantic hero in Marie’s eyes. Hannah, Johan’s lost love, is an otherworldly beauty when seen by Johan, but Marie regards her as filth. On the one hand, the revealed secrets expose a small community infested with lies and pretensions, but on the other hand all the characters have aspects worth loving and respecting. Where There Are Birds is a novel about the dire consequences of uninhibited lust and the meaninglessness of living a lie. It is also a novel that explores how perspective and memory are unique to the beholder; no matter how close people are, they can look at the exact same thing and each see something completely different. Sentences and events are repeated from shifting perspectives, while other themes and motifs are also used to bind the novel together. Fatty repeatedly sings a particular tune over and over again as do several of the many women he has slept with. The birds of the title is another leitmotif, often returning when lust and sexual encounters are involved. These encounters are more often than not the beginning of some form of entrapment. Here, the exception to the rule is the Danish governess, Gudrun, who brings with her a more modern view to the remote village and its
lighthouse. In the end, in spite of her strong urge to leave Uthaug, Darling ends up exactly as her mother. But where Marie’s life is filled with bitterness because of the choices she makes, Darling is happy. Where There Are Birds is a novel about the confinement of small communities; not only the small fishing village, bound together by the forces of nature and generations of the same families, but also – and perhaps to a more extreme degree – the little family who, during the long winter months, live completely alone in the isolated lighthouse.

About the agent: 

Copenhagen Literary Agency represents translation rights for more than 70 Scandinavian authors and estates worldwide and for film and theater. Among the authors are: Hanne-Vibeke Holst, Carsten Jensen, Ida Jessen and Tom Buk-Swienty (DK), Geir Gulliksen, Erika Fatland and Morten Strøksnes (NO), Henning Mankell, Helene Tursten and Kjell Ericsson (SE), Kjell Westö (FI) and Jón Kalman Stefánsson and Ragnar Jonasson (I).

Contact: Lars Ringhof (

Books at Haugesund – Deep Fjord (Alt er mitt)

Deep Fjord (Alt er mitt) by Ruth Lillegraven



Meet Clara and Haavard, a successful, married couple living in an inherited villa on the affluent
west side of Oslo, Norway.

He is a doctor from an old Oslo family. She is the ambitious outsider from Western Norway who has landed an influential position at the Ministry of Justice. Then Oslo is shaken by two murders. Both victims have immigrant backgrounds. The repercussions within a complex, multicultural society prove to be unpredictably volatile. Eventually, the case reaches the desk of the Minister of Justice, while it also has serious consequences for Haavard and Clara, threatening the peace of their family. But this is only the beginning. In Deep Fjord, a psychological thriller, nothing is as it seems. The book shifts elegantly between the past and the present, between intrigues in the corridors of power and in a modern-day family, between descriptions of Oslo and of Western Norway. Deep Fjord is a surprising, well-written and gripping crime novel, inspired by books such as Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Deep Fjord will be published by Kagge Forlag.


About the agency:

Winje Agency was established in 2016 by Gina Winje, with Jon Fosse and Ruth Lillegraven as the primary clients, and has grown to be one of the most reputable independent agencies in Norway. In 2017 WA entered into contracts of various nature with 14 authors, and publishing houses Vigmostad and Bjørke (NO), Fitzcarraldo Editions (UK) and MacLehose Press (UK) and has in short time sold more than 60 rights. WA was one of the few agencies to be accepted into Innovasjon Norge’s LUV (Litteratur ut i verden) programme, June 2018. For more info please visit:


Contact: Gina Winje (

Books at Haugesund – Keep Saying Their Names (Leksikon om lys og mørke)

Keep Saying Their Names (Leksikon om lys og mørke) by Simon Stranger 


Keep Saying Their Names is a novel based on real events, spanning eighty years, and four generations. It is a history about the second world war, and family secrets – about a young man who became one of the most notorious war criminals in Norwegian history – and about the stories we choose to tell our children.

An ordinary suburban house in Trondheim, is seized by the Nazis, and in 1941 becomes the headquarters of the infamous Norwegian double agent Henry Oliver Rinnan. The building – nicknamed Bandeklosteret– is occupied by the Rinnan gang, and its cellar used as a prison and torture centre. Throughout the war, hundreds are brutally interrogated down there, and at least three people are murdered. Five years after the war ends, the little house gets new occupants: a young, Jewish couple and their children. One of these children is Grethe – who later becomes Stranger’s mother-in-law.


About the agency: 

Oslo Literary Agency is Norway’s biggest literary agency, representing authors in the genres of literary fiction, crime and commercial fiction children’s and YA books and non-fiction. Amongst our authors are Maja Lunde, Jostein Gaarder, Carl Frode Tiller, Per Petterson and Dag Solstad. Oslo Literary Agency was established in 2016, replacing Aschehoug Agenc


Contact: Annette Orre (


Books at Haugesund – The Parfumier (Parfymeorgelet)

The Parfumier (Parfymeorgelet) by Margit Walsø


Ingrid is twenty-five years old and disenchanted with her job at a laboratory in Trondheim.

One day she finds a parfumier’s organ in the basement of her childhood home: a specially made tiered shelf for her father’s collection of perfume essences. She decides to travel to Grasse in Provence to explore the lesser-known aspects of her deceased father’s life. She finds clues in amongst her father’s things that lead her to the mysterious Sonja Richard and her perfume factory. Ingrid gets a job at the factory but does not tell Sonja who she is.

The perfume industry is facing a growing demand for new, synthetic scent molecules. This troubles the inhabitants of Grasse, who have always made a living from their orange trees, roses, jasmine and lavender.

A power struggle emerges between the older and the younger woman, culminating when Ingrid finds out Sonja’s secret.


About the agency:

Stilton Literary Agency is based in Oslo, as an independent literary agency. We represent a list of highly successful Norwegian authors within adult fiction and narrative non-fiction (35 authors). Some of our latest export successes with sales to more than 15-20 languages include: “Silence in the Age of Noise” (Erling Kagge); “Your Superstar Brain” (Kaja Nordengen); “Terra Insecta” (Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson). On our fiction list you find names such as: Brit Bildøen, Ragnar Hovland, Lars Lenth, Jan Ove Ekeberg. Alongside promoting our more established authors internationally, Stilton Literary Agency is actively looking for new voices. For a more detailed presentation of the agency, please see:

Contact: Hans Petter Bakketeig



Book at Haugesund – War Tourist (Krigsturisten)

Krigsturisten (War Tourist) by Jesper Bugge Kold 


WAR TOURIST supplies a convincing psychological portrait as well as a social satire of a man in crisis. 

Some middle-aged men begin to play extreme sports when the mid-term crisis announces its arrival. Niels, the main character of Jesper Bugge Kold’s third successful novel, becomes a war tourist. 

Niels is married with a job and children – and bored out of his mind. Maybe that’s why he jumps at the opportunity to follow his old friend on an assignment to Beirut. Just to try something new. But quickly he gets addicted to the fix of danger and the unknown. Niels starts living a double life: One reality at home with his job and wife and the marriage, which is slowly cracking up and becoming more and more irrelevant to him, and the other reality where he feels alive and young because of the sense of community and the ever-present excitement and danger. 

At his travels, he joins a diverse group of journalists, extreme sports athletes and war tourist, who travel from war zone to war zone. But when he eventually finds himself in the ultimate war zone, Syria, he begins to realize that he may have taken his bizarre hobby a step too far. 

Review Berlingske: “The War tourist is a psychological novel draped in international contemporary history. It appeals to the male reader segment, while glimmering language and depictions prove that Bugge Kold not only has a good story to tell but also a sharp pen to convey it with. Bugge Kold’s portrait of middle-class Niels and his increasing dependence on the voyages of war is most convincingly done.”

 War Tourist comments on society, extreme sports, Africa, big corporations, marriage, education, world politics, refugees and much more and is a highly dramatic and relevant book on several layers.


About the agency:

Peoples Press is the 4th biggest publishing house in Denmark representing a wide range of genres: Fiction, crime, non-fiction and children’s books. It was founded in 2003, so it is a young publishing house, which has managed to be both commercially successful as well as very successful in always being in tune with the zeitgeist.

People’sPress has won an impressive number of awards, for example for Best Crime Debut, The Readers Favorite Award, and Politiken’s Literary Award.

People’s Press is perhaps especially well known for very successful crime fiction titles and for bestseller non-fiction titles within the area of political and journalistic issues and biographies as well as within crafts and health –  many of which have a specific international appeal.