The 12th Nordic Co-production and Finance Market was arranged August 23-24 as a part of the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund. More than 150 projects from over 15 countries has been pitched in Haugesund since it all started in 2006. Check out previous years line-up and see the list of projects that has been realized.


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2015, Finland, directed by Petri Kotwica
Pitched as Cross Your Heart in 2013

August Fools
2013, Finland/Czech Republic, directed by Taru Mäkelä
Pitched in 2011

Before Snowfall
2013, Norway/Germany/Iraq, directed by Hisham Zaman
Pitched as Soran’s Way in 2009

2012, Sweden/Finland/Iraq, directed by Karzan Kader
Pitched in 2010

Between 2 Fires
2010, Sweden/Poland, directed by Agnieszka Lukasiak
Pitched as Between Two Fires in 2008

Buddha’s Little Finger
2015, Germany/Canada/Russia, directed by Tony Pemberton
Pitched in 2009

The Colony
2013, Canada, directed by Jeff Renfroe
Pitched in 2010

The Doll in the Ceiling
2015, Norway, directed by Kjersti G. Steinsbø
Pitched in 2013

2015, Sweden, directed by Beata Gårdeler
Pitched in 2013

Garbage Prince
2011, Finland/Norway, directed by Raimo O. Niemi
Pitched as Prince of Trash in 2009

The Girl King
2015, Canada/Sweden/Germany, directed by Mika Kaurismäki
Pitched as Kristina in 2008 and Queen Kristina – Royal Rebel in 2011

Girls Lost
2015, Sweden, directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining
Pitched as Boys in 2013

Gold Coast
2015, Denmark, directed by Daniel Dencik
Pitched as Wulff in 2013

Here Is Harold
2014, Norway, directed by Gunnar Vikene
Pitched in 2012

2010, Iceland, directed by Baldvin Zophoníasson
Pitched as Jumble in 2009

Das Leben ist nichts für Feiglinge
2012, Germany, directed by André Erkau
Pitched as Life Is Not For Cowards in 2010

Mad Ship
2013, Canada, directed by David Mortin
Pitched in 2010

A Man, His Lover and His Mother
2013, Switzerland, directed by Marcel Gisler
Pitched as Rosie in 2011

Max Manus
2008, Norway/Denmark/Germany, directed by Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg
Pitched in 2007

Miss Blue Jeans
2012, Finland/Sweden/Ireland, directed by Matti Kinnunen
Pitched in 2009

My Skinny Sister
2015, Sweden, directed by Susanna Lenken
Pitched in 2013

Obce Niebo
2015, Poland, directed by Dariusz Gajewski
Pitched as Strange Heaven in 2012

Operation Arctic
2014, Norway, directed by Grethe Bøe-Waal
Pitched in 2008

2013, Norway/Germany/Sweden/France/Finland, directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg
Pitched in 2008

2008, Finland/Czech Republic, directed by Antti-Jussi Annila
Pitched in 2007

Sex, Drugs & Taxation
2013, Denmark, directed by Christoffer Boe
Pitched as The White Caesar in 2011

2011, Finland, directed by Sakari Kirjanainen
Pitched in 2010

Simon and the Oaks
2011, Sweden/Denmark/Germany/Norway, directed by Lisa Ohlin
Pitched as Simon in 2008

Spooks and Spirits
2013, Iceland, directed by Ágúst Guðmundsson
Pitched in 2011

2010, Norway, directed by André Øvredal
Pitched in 2008

2014, Sweden/Norway, directed by Ronnie Sandahl
Pitched as Leave in 2012

2009, Norway, directed by Gunnar Vikene
Pitched in 2007

2014, Norway, directed by Torun Lian
Pitched in 2011

Young Sophie Bell
2015, Sweden, directed by Amanda Adolfsson
Pitched in 2009