Scandinavian Debut

Who’s the next director to emerge on the Scandinavian scene? The Scandinavian Debut Pitch offers you a unique opportunity to discover new talent from the Nordic countries.


Scandinavian Debut is hosted by the talent programs FilmLab Norway, Producing People, STHLM Debut, the organizations Mediefabrikken, Film i Skåne, Filmbasen/Film Stockholm and Film Capital Stockholm in collaboration with New Nordic Films.

The Scandinavian Debut projects from 2019


Kari (16) is creative and intelligent, but also an notorious overthinker who constantly judges everyone and everything. In her mind that is.To the outside world, Kari is a wannabe-writer who accidentally ended up in a performance art-high school, believing she could avoid actually performing. The series follow Kari and her peers from their first audition to their graduation, with all the joy, conflict and sorrows of teenage-life.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Drama – En komedie COUNTRY: Norway DIRECTOR: Petter Holmsen PRODUCER/PRODUCTION COMPANY: Marte Hansen, Friland Produksjon BUDGET: € 3.900.000 GENRE: Comedy SHOOTING START: Fall 2021 WRITER: Maren Skolem  CONTACT PERSON: Marte Hansen CELLULAR: +47 452 75 616 E-MAIL:

Petter Holmsen graduated with a Bachelor in Film from New York in 2014. He has since written and directed several successful short films, commercials and TV-series. Holmsen is currently completing his feature film debut Fjolls til fjells.

Marte Hansen graduated as a producer from The Norwegian Film School in 2018. Her background consists of extensive production office experience, in addition to having produced more than ten short films, including the Amanda nominated The Culture.

Maren Skolem graduated as a scriptwriter from the Norwegian Film School in 2018. Her writer-credits include series like ROT (NRK) and Fenris (ViaPlay), as well as her Amanda nominated graduation film She-Pack. Skolem is also a successful musical lyricist, and have written several songs in collaboration with artist Moddi.



On board of a research ship a scientist and a captain meet. One is determined to extract every secret of this world, the other knows nature is unpredictable. Two women, not sure if they attract or repel each other. What could have been a love story becomes an exploration of humanity’s dark side.


Hilke Rönnfeldt graduates this fall from Swedish Alma Löv Education in screenwriting and is part of independent film school Super16 directors’ collective. She is based in Copenhagen and Reykjavík.



Sainabou from Gambia and Axel from Norway meet and fall passionately in love. They decide to move in together, and Sainabou packs her bags and moves with him to Norway. But is their love for each other enough to make this work?

ORIGINAL TITLE: Fucking Norway COUNTRY: Norway DIRECTOR: Haddi Samba PRODUCER: Lotte Sandbu PRODUCTION COMPANY: Barbosa Film BUDGET: 14.000.000 NOK GENRE: Drama SHOOTING START: Spring 2021 WRITER: Marta Huglen Revheim CONTACT PERSON: Lotte Sandbu CELLULAR: +47 906 73 936 E-MAIL:

Haddi Samba (b.1988) has got a bachelor’s degree in TV-production and directing from Columbia College in Chicago, where she graduated in 2011. Since then, Samba has worked for several production companies in the Norwegian TV industry and is currently working as a director on a drama series for NRK in Oslo.

Lotte Sandbu (b. 1992) graduated from the Norwegian Film School in 2018. Her graduation film, SHE-PACK, premiered at Berlinale and was nominated for an Amanda, the national film price. Her next film, The Manila Lover, premiered in Cannes this year.

Marta Huglen Revheim (b. 1988) graduated from the Norwegian Film School in 2016. Since then she has worked on several projects. Among these are Rot for NRK Super and Hjerteslag for TV2/Anti, premiering in August this year. She is currently working on a new project for NRK Drama.



Orgy is a dramedy about seven sexually liberal young adults who go to a cabin in
the woods to have an orgy but jealousy and insecurities get in the way.
John and his girlfriend Hedda have a modern, polyamorous relationship that now faces its biggest challenge yet, as Hedda falls for radical-feminist Athena.

The participants all have their own ideas about how the orgy should be arranged and how they relate to each other’s bodies which leads to sexual-political conflict, consent issues, threesomes and arson.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Orgie COUNTRY: Sweden DIRECTOR: Mårten Gisby & Caroline Eriksson PRODUCER: Emma Åkesdotter Ronge & Ann Lundberg PRODUCTION COMPANY: Anagram Sweden BUDGET: 7.800.000 SEK GENRE: Dramedy SHOOTING START: Spring 2020 WRITER: Mårten Gisby CONTACT PERSON: Emma Åkesdotter Ronge E-MAIL:

Caroline Eriksson graduated from Fridhems Film School in 2012. In 2015 she received the film award Pixel Talent Award at Pixel Film Festival. Her latest film All In premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2019.

Mårten Gisby graduated from Fridhem Film School in 2012 and from the screenwriting program at Vancouver Film School in 2017. His short film BRÅK won the Best Actress award at Sweden’s Short Film Festival 2016. He is a partner at Pagale Content Development where he develops screenplays for film and TV.

Emma Åkesdotter Ronge has been at Anagram since October 2011, and has produced the TV series Systrar 1968, the feature film Yarden, the short film Sköterskan and the animated TV series Snipp Snapp Snut, amongst others.

Ann Lundberg is Anagram’s junior producer and joined the company in September 2016. Since joining Anagram she has produced the shorts Argue and Big Galaxies Eat Stars. Orgy is her first feature as a producer.



When Emre graduates high school, he can only see himself working at his fathers’s pizza shop. This is the opposite of what he wants from life; to be seen and have status. One day an upper-class gang comes to the pizzeria looking for the local drug dealer, and Emre pretends to be him. As the situation become more complicated, Emre deviates even more from his inner self.


Maida Krak is a Swedish producer and founder of MADbunny. Krak has participated in international producers’ workshops and produced several shorts which have has been screened around the world. At the moment, she is developing two feature films, Hemmet by Mattias J Skoglund based on novel by Mats Strandberg and Profetior by Tuna Özer.

Farima Karimi is a Swedish-Iranian producer based in Stockholm. She holds an MFA from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and has previously worked at the production company Nimafilm on several of their prized documentaries such as No Burqas Behind Bars (international Emmy award, Prix Europa), Those Who Said No (Jury Award One World) and Prison Sisters (Best Film Sole Luna).



The 1980s. In a small village in Kurdistan, eight-year-old Bahar has a dream of singing in front of a large audience. When Bahar suddenly gets an infection that makes her deaf, she has to fight to find a new way of expressing herself. Silence is a coming-of-age film inspired by a deaf woman’s experiences.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Silence COUNTRY: Norway DIRECTOR: Brwa Vahabpour PRODUCER: Renée Mlodyszewski PRODUCTION COMPANY: Oslo Pictures BUDGET: 21.000.000 NOK GENRE: Drama, coming-of-age SHOOTING START: Spring 2021 WRITER: Brwa Vahabpour  CONTACT PERSON: Renée Mlodyszewski E-MAIL:

Brwa Vahabpour is a Kurdish-Norwegian filmmaker from Trondheim. He graduated from Nordland College of Art and Film in 2014 and The Norwegian Film School in 2018. Vahabpour has directed the short films Smile, Pomegranate and The Shepherd.

Renée Mlodyszewski graduated from the Norwegian Film School in 2018. She has produced several short films and is in development with both features and shorts. Before attending film school she worked at the Norwegian Film Institute and is currently employed at Oslo Pictures.



Bea and Valentin finally have their long awaited child – Silke. Her skin is full of rashes that spread and grow over the years. The only thing that seems to help is water. The family rent a cabin by the sea so that Silke can swim freely. Something starts to happen, something Bea has felt all along, and it’s impossible to stop.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Silke COUNTRY: Sweden DIRECTOR: Johanna Paulsdotter PRODUCER: Maria L. Guerpillon PRODUCTION COMPANY: Alice Film AB BUDGET: 8.000.000 SEK GENRE: Psychological horror SHOOTING START: 2020 WRITER: Johanna Paulsdotter CONTACT PERSON: Maria L. Guerpillon CELLULAR: +46 709 10 50 90 E-MAIL:

Johanna Paulsdotter is both a writer and a director. She has made several award winning short films, including: Twelve (2013), Hardship (2010), Hello Beauty (2010) and Leisure suite (2009).

Maria L. Guerpillon is the founder and CEO of DFM, an award-winning production company specialized in drama and television (2000-2014). She is currently working at Alice Film AB/MostAlice AB.



In the shadow of the petite, beautiful and virtuous Cinderella stands a lonely frustrated young woman – her stepsister. She is ready to cut off her limbs for love and recognition.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Stesøstra COUNTRY: Norway DIRECTOR: Emilie Blichfeldt PRODUCER/PRODUCTION COMPANY: Ragna Midtgard, Mer Film BUDGET: € 2.500.000 GENRE: Drama SHOOTING START: 2021 WRITER: Emilie Blichfeldt  CONTACT PERSON: Ragna Midtgard CELLULAR: +47 976 57 359 E-MAIL:

Emilie Blichfeldt is known for her bold short films. After graduating from the Norwegian Film School in 2018, her exam film Sara’s Intimate Confessions was selected for both Locarno and Clermont-Ferrand. The Stepsister is her first feature film.

Ragna Midtgard has been working as a producer for Mer Film since graduating from The Norwegian Film School in 2012. She is the Line Producer of What Will People Say (2018) and she has one nomination and one win for Best Short Film at the Amanda awards.