Scandinavian Debut

The Scandinavian Debut Pitch offers you a unique opportunity to discover new talent from the Nordic countries. This year ten projects from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Færoe Islands will be presented during the pitch.

Scandinavian Debut is hosted by the talent programs FilmLab Norway, Producing People, STHLM Debut, the organisations Mediefabrikken, Film i Skåne, BoostHbg, Filmbasen/Film Stockholm and Film Capital Stockholm in collaboration with FilmFyn, Swedish Film Institute and New Nordic Films.


A FOOT IN THE GRAVEA foot in the grave

An interpreter is drawn in as translator in her father’s bizarre struggle to bury his amputated foot and contemplates what do with this erratic and aging man who is revolting against life and society.

ORIGINAL TITLE: En amputasjon COUNTRY: Norway DIRECTOR: Simon Tillaas PRODUCER/PRODUCTION COMPANY: TBD BUDGET: 8.000.000 NOK GENRE:  Comedy-drama SHOOTING STARTSpring 2020 WRITER: Simon Tillaas, Amy Black Ndiaye  CONTACT PERSON: Simon Tillaas CELLULAR: +47 40615825 E-MAIL:
Daddy's Girl


Lo (15) is stuck with her dad on their farm, until Michail shows up – a trophy Lo is desperate to win. As she explores her sexuality we ask; why is a daughters body so dangerous in a fathers eye?

ORIGINAL TITLE: Daddy’s Girl COUNTRY: Norway DIRECTOR: Julia Lindström PRODUCER: Hege Hauff Hvattum PRODUCTION COMPANY: Barbosa Film AS BUDGET: 16.000.000 NOK GENRE: Drama, feature SHOOTING START: Summer 2019 WRITER: Amy Black Ndiaye CINEMATOGRAPHY: Torbjørn Sundal Holen CONTACT PERSON: Hege Hauff Hvattum CELLULAR: +47 957 40 956 E-MAIL:


(“Fire House” by Patrick Emerson used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license)

Ako is a teenager who wants to keep things under control, but inside of him there’s a fire burning. He’s unable to talk to his family about it and the silence in their house makes the façade collapse. The renovation brings shadows, sexy construction workers, and the summer intern Dante, who makes Ako completely lose Control.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Bränder COUNTRY: Sweden DIRECTOR: Jerry Carlsson PRODUCER: Anette Sidor & Frida Mårtensson PRODUCTION COMPANY: Verket Produktion AB GENRE: Drama WRITER: Jerry Carlsson LOOKING FOR: Financing and Co-Producers CONTACT PERSON: Anette Sidor CELLULAR : +46 709 405 073 E-MAIL :


ONLY THE DEADHaugesund_artwork3_onlythedead

Seeking justice for her brother’s death in Afghanistan the student Hannah kidnaps the government official responsible for Denmark joining the war on terror. Hoping for closure instead she embarks on a journey that eventually leads to becoming a terrorist herself.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Kun de døde COUNTRY: DANMARK DIRECTOR: Jacob Thomas Pilgaard PRODUCER: Michael Fleischer PRODUCTION COMPANY: ICONIC FILM BUDGET: 8 – 10 mio. DKK GENRE:  Political thriller/drama SHOOTING START: – Summer 2019 WRITER: Jacob Thomas Pilgaard, Pernille Hyllegaard CINEMATOGRAPHY: Kasper Wind Nielsen EDITOR: Steen Bech SOUND DESIGN: Rune Klausen COMPOSER: Henrik Engstrøm, Thorsten Bæk LOOKING FOR: Financing CONTACT PERSON: Jacob Thomas Pilgaard CELLULAR: + 4528594282 E-MAIL:
Scenes From a Dying Town_2


A comedy-drama of a deteriorating town and its small community. One day an outsider who is lost and confused wanders into town. His existence generates motion amongst the stagnant inhabitants, and unintentionally starts an irreversible torrent of revelations and repressed emotions.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Kohtauksia kuolevasta kaupungista COUNTRY: Finland DIRECTOR: Kaisa El Ramly PRODUCER: Sari Lempiäinen PRODUCTION COMPANY: Zodiak Finland BUDGET: 1 100 000 euros GENRE: Drama SHOOTING START: Fall 2019 WRITER: Kaisa El Ramly CINEMATOGRAPHY: Andréas Lennartsson SOUND DESIGN: Janne Laine LOOKING FOR: Financers, co-producers, distributors and sales agents CONTACT PERSON: Sari Lempiäinen CELLULAR: +358 50 350 3732 E-MAIL:
The Barkeeper


The Beekeeper is a film about losing a loved one and the silent, unspoken feelings between people. The screenplay closely follows the lovers Adam and Julia, who manage a bee farm on the border between Sweden and Norway.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Biodlaren COUNTRY: Sweden DIRECTOR: Marcus Carlsson PRODUCER: Lovisa Charlier PRODUCTION COMPANY: Mariedamfilm AB GENRE: Drama SHOOTING START: Summer 2019 WRITER: Marcus Carlsson CAST: Julia Schacht, Adam Lundgren, Christina Lindberg. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Sebastian Danneborn Spjuth SOUND DESIGN: Eric Guslén COMPOSER: Ludvig Sjöstrand, Liis Ring. LOOKING FOR: Financing, co-producer.CONTACT PERSON: Lovisa Charlier CELLULAR: + 46 706 428 664  E-MAIL:



Billede til folder


An elderly, lonely alcoholic encounters a young girl across the street whose father is a violent addict. He and she form a strong friendship, but he can’t save both their families – he’ll have to choose before it’s too late

ORIGINAL TITLE: Fotbolddommeren COUNTRY: Denmark DIRECTOR: Jesper Quistgaard PRODUCTION COMPANY: GOODWILL IVS GENRE: Dramedy, social realism, thriller WRITER: Jesper Quistgaard EDITOR: Cathrine Odgaard LOOKING FOR: Financing, feedback, collaborators, co-producers etc.CONTACT PERSON:  Jesper Quistgaard CELLULAR: +  45 6075 3489 E-MAIL:
Wake Up


A mother begins to fear her nine-year-old daughter when she develops a sleeping disorder, having night terrors involving a mysterious monster. Soon, the line between dream and reality blurs.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Wake Up COUNTRY: Norway DIRECTOR: Kenneth Karlstad PRODUCER: Kristoffer Sindre Vittersø PRODUCTION COMPANY: Frokost Film AS BUDGET: NOK 12.000.000 GENRE: Horror SHOOTING START: 2019 WRITER: Tor Espen Vassbotn CINEMATOGRAPHY: Kristian Jaran Engelsen LOOKING FOR: Financing, co-producers CONTACT PERSON: Kristoffer Sindre Vittersø CELLULAR +47 412 22 950 E-MAIL:
What do we do with Anton


On the wedding day of his stepdaughter, Jákup tries to keep up appearances while secretly gathering a posse of wedding guests to stop the bride’s drunken father, who is on his way to the party after twenty years of absence.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Brúðarvalsur COUNTRY: Faroe Island / Denmark DIRECTOR: Andrias Høgenni PRODUCER: Johannes Rothaus Nørregaard PRODUCTION COMPANY: Meta Film Rights ApS BUDGET: 600.000 € – 1.000.000€ GENRE: Drama WRITER: Anders Jeelsmark Mortensen & Andrias Høgenni LOOKING FOR: Primarily financing and a co-producer CONTACT PERSON: Johannes Rothaus Nørregaard CELLULAR: + 45 42 52  62 61 E-MAIL:



Where the waves takes us


Based on the refugee crisis that peaked in 2015 – when private owners without prior experience could make big profits on housing refugees – Where the Waves Take Us is about power and powerlessness along a boy’s journey into adulthood.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Dit vågorna tar oss COUNTRY: Sweden DIRECTOR: Frida Barkfors & Lasse Barkfors PRODUCER: Caroline Drab & Frida Barkfors PRODUCTION COMPANY: De Andra Film AB BUDGET: €2 000 000 GENRE: Drama SHOOTING START: 2020 WRITER: Frida & Lasse Barkfors CINEMATOGRAPHY: Sophia Olsson EDITOR: Signe Rebekka Kaufmann SOUND DESIGN: Frank Mølgaard Knudsen COMPOSER: Julian Winding LOOKING FOR: Financing, distributor, co-producer CONTACT PERSON: Caroline Drab CELLULAR +46 709 994030 E-MAIL:



ulv ulv forside org modifisert[2]WOLF, WOLF

Worlds greatest predator is not wolf, but human.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Ulv, ulv COUNTRY: Norway DIRECTOR: Jon Vatne PRODUCER: Gudrun Austli PRODUCTION COMPANY: Revenka BUDGET: 6 mill NOK GENRE: Thriller SHOOTING START: Sept/Oct 2019 WRITER: Gudrun Austli and co-writer LOOKING FOR: Financing, co-producer, sales agent, distributor CONTACT PERSON: Gudrun Austli CELLULAR +47 922 32 729 E-MAIL: