Technical Information

New Nordic Films – Technical Specs 2021

In order to deliver content to New Nordic Films at The Norwegian International Film Festival, please read this carefully:

Deadline for delivering DCP is August 13th.

Screening format:
All market screenings are DCP format only (2D/3D, 24/48fps, 2k/4k). Sound: 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 and Atmos.

New Nordic Films is an international market, therefore please submit the English version of your film (English subtitles or English original voice).

Make sure to name the DCP correctly in order to avoid any misunderstandings, please see

Delivery options:
We accept delivery by Eclairplay, Movie Transit and harddrive/memory stick, but we prefer delivery by Filemail.

Please use our Filemail to upload your DCP’s directly to us. NB: Do NOT ZIP your files when transferring via filemail:

If you wish to deliver a physical drive, please contact print coordinator for instructions. Please also note that drives/memory sticks must be Windows/Linux formatted, as we do not accept Mac format.

Encrypted DCPs should have KDM’s for all festival screens, open from August 15th at the latest and through August 27th. Send request for server information to Draga

Please check all the material prior to sending it to the festival. Also note that producers/film institutes are responsible for all material delivery, both to and from (if physical drive) New Nordic Films, also financially.

Please notify print-coordinator about the delivery date/manner by July 26th.

Contact :
Thor Vidar Hjelmervik ( (+47) 970 300 55
Dragica Vidovic ( (+47) 926 81 223