Technical Information – Market screenings

New Nordic Films – Technical Specs 2021

All market screenings will this year take place at the New Nordic Films Online Video Library platform hosted by Cinando. The screenings are secured with DRM protection and watermarks technology (name and unique ID per viewer), and will only be accessible for New Nordic Films participants. After the market takes place, the right holders of the films will get insight into who has seen the film.

Find out more about the Cinando Screeners service here.

New Nordic Films Online Video Library is the viewing platform for all market screenings available for industry professionals registered at New Nordic Films. When you authorize your film to be part of the New Nordic Films Video Library, you give the industry participants at the film market streaming access to your film.

You will be able to manage the viewing rights as preferred on Cinando and you can send private invites during and after the set time period of the screenings on the Video Library. You may also hide, if you wish, the visibility of the film in, leaving it active only on New Nordic Films Online Video Library.

If you are not a Cinando member, or if your Cinando account has expired, we will offer you a free account for the duration of the Video Library. If your account is about to expire, we will extend your account through the end of the Video Library.

Upon your participation confirmation, New Nordic Films will provide you with a link to upload your film for free.

All films and content will be in English language and all screenings will be with English subtitles.


Please read carefully the following editorial instructions :

● Test patterns, countdowns and blank sections are not allowed;

● Image and sound should be correctly synchronized;

● All videos should be available in English version (audio or subtitles);

● English subtitles can be burnt on the video or separately uploaded to the screener. For

more information about Cinando Subtitles, please visit here .

If you have any questions, please contact Gyda Velvin Myklebust at or Line Halvorsen at


File upload

● Maximum size : 200GB;

● Accepted formats : mp4, avi, mkv, mpeg, mpg, m4v, f4v, mov, qt, ogg, ogv, webm, wmv,flv;

● The file must be multiplexed (audio and video in one file).

● Accepted frame rates (fps) : 23.976, 24, 24.976, 25, 30, 48, 50, 59.94, 60.

Video specifications

● Codec : H264 (preferred – faster upload), Apple ProRes (longer upload);

● Minimum bitrate : 3Mbps for 720p and 5Mbps for 1080p.

● Minimum resolution : 1280 x 720 (Standard 720p High Definition). Better quality can be

achieved with 1920 x 1080 (Full 1080p High Definition);

● Upload only progressive or de-interlaced video.

Audio specifications

● Codec : AAC;

● Minimum bitrate : 256 Kbps;

● Upload only Stereo audio.

If you need to transcode your file, you can use the free software Handbrake and use the documentation here to help you.