Technical Information

All film clips for the Works in Progress must be delivered on DCP. Please follow the guidelines concerning sound levels and picture formats set by DCI.

  • The presentation material needs to be handed in no later than August 15 at 6:00 PM. A properly filled out contact information sheet is to be handed in at the same time. This sheet will also include sound- and aspect information.
    KDMs shall be delivered together with the DCP, and shall be open for testing minimum 72 hours before screening. Encrypted DCPs where KDM is not delivered for testing, will not be accepted by the festival.
  • Delivery should be made on harddrive, memorystick or any type of filemail. Send to these emails:, AND
    The material will be tested by our technicians in good time before screening.
  • The responsibility for delivering correct and functional material lies with the film agency/director/producer. The contact information sheet will show who is responsible for the material.
  • The schedule for each screening/ presentation shall be delivered in writing along with the material, no later than August 15 at 6:00 PM. The contact information sheet shall be handed in along with presentation material, and an overview of the order the presentation will be presented (clip1, clip 2 and so on…) Changes in the schedule can be made no later than 12:00 PM one day prior to the screening/ presentation. Elements cannot be added, but can be removed, from previously handed in schedule.
  • Two or three clips, a total of 8 minutes, tagged with “black” in front of and behind each clip, and the time code (TC in and TC out) at the start and end of each clip. The clips must have English subtitles.
  • All clips must be submitted as DCP (2D and 3D), 24fps or 48fps, 2K. It will not be able to display other video formats.
  • Disks must be marked clearly with “Work in Progress”, the title of the film and “Petter Trønsdal”.
  • The clips presented must have English subtitles.
  • Testing / preview of the presentation is carried out in accordance with the program plan and agreed with Technical Manager. It will be time for this on the day of the presentation. If need for further testing this must be agreed with the technical director for the festival.

Enquiries must be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the festival. For questions and other inquiries, please contact:

Technician Petter Trønsdal
Phone: +47 920 23 376

Technical Director Thor Vidar Hjelmervik
Phone: +47 970 30 055

The Norwegian International Film Festival
Edda kino
Soerhauggt. 183
N-5525 Haugesund

Make sure to mark the material: New Nordic Films, Works in Progress.

Our Print Coordinator in Haugesund:

Dragica Vidovic
Phone: +47 527 19 008
Fax: +47 527 19 000