Technical Information

Delivery deadlines:

o New Nordic Work in Progress – DCP: August 15 at 6:00 PM.

o New Nordic Work in Progress – Alternative formats: August 1 at 6:00 PM.

o New Nordic Work in Progress – Shipping a disk: same as the two above (no Mac-formatted disks).

  • We prefer your content as DCP format, if you deliver an alternative format, the festival will convert your material to DCP.
    Note the delivery time is different for the two, this is important.
  • Delivery should be made on harddrive, memory stick or by this Filemail link:

No other online delivery method will be accepted. Follow the Filemail link for more information regarding online delivery and the general technical requirements of your content.

  • A properly filled out Technical sheet is to be handed in at the same time as your content.

Downloadable link to New Nordic Work in Progress Technical sheet template:

  • The responsibility for delivering correct and functional material lies with the film agency/director/producer. The technical sheet will show who is responsible for the material.


  • Changes to the Technical sheet can be made no later than 12:00 PM one day prior to the presentation. Elements cannot be added, but can be removed, from previously handed in Technical sheet.
    Any changes must be sent in writing to
  • We recommend no more than two or three clips, and a maximum of 8 minutes total.
  • Tag your clips with “black”, with a maximum of 3 frames at the start and end of each clip.
    Anything more than this will only make your presentation seem less smooth, as the technician must play all of your blacks.
  • If the clips are shown without pause you may keep them as one file, if you will pause between them they must be separate files.
  • The clips must have English subtitles.
  • All material will be tested by our technicians in good time before screening.
  • Testing / preview of the presentation is carried out in accordance with the program plan. It will be time for this on the day of the presentation.

For questions and other inquiries, please contact:

Technician Petter Trønsdal
Phone: +47 920 23 376

Technical Director Thor Vidar Hjelmervik
Phone: +47 970 30 055

The Norwegian International Film Festival
Edda kino
Soerhauggt. 183
N-5525 Haugesund

Make sure to mark the material:

New Nordic Films, Works in Progress.
Petter Trønsdal