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New Nordic Films – Works in Progress

Delivery deadline: By Filemail August 16th at 1 PM CEST

Due to the current travel restrictions for some of our participants and industry professionalswe will this year make all presentations available digitally for the industry market participants through our online portal, as well as on site in Haugesund.  

 Your presentation must therefore be pre-recorded and sent to us digitally.  We kindly ask you to send your presentation and your Technical sheet to us by Filemail before August 16 at 1 PM CEST. 


How to make your digital presentation:

  • Record a short introduction/presentation (made by the producer and/or director) introducing the film. 

At the Filemail link you can find more information regarding the general technical requirements of your content. Make sure you look at this before you record your presentation! 

  • Select 2-3 film clips with a total duration of around 8-10 minutes from your Work in progress. Your Work in Progress-presentation should be 10-12 minutes in total (presentation + film clips).   


How to send us your digital presentation: 

When you have recorded your introduction/presentation and chosen your film clips, please either: 

A) edit your presentation together with the film clips 


B) send us your presentation and your film clips as separate files and we will edit it together as one presentation for you. 

You will also need to download and fill out our Technical sheet and hand it in with your content. 

There will be no way to influence option B other than through the delivered technical sheet, and no preview before the technical run-through. We suggest you use option A for optimal results.


Hand in your material and the Technical sheet by means of this Filemail link:  

before August 10 at 1 PM CEST. 


All material will be tested by our technicians in good time before the screening.

For technical questions and inquiries regarding the delivery, please contact technician Petter Trønsdal. 
Phone: +47 920 23 376 


For all other questions and inquiries, please contact Mads Kvalvaag Halvorsen 


Phone: +47 913 64 950