Works in Progress, EURIMAGES Lab Project Award @Haugesund line-up!

Get an exclusive preview: here’s the next wave of intriguing films soon to grace the silver screen!

– Who will win the prestigious Eurimages Lab Project Award @Haugesund?

In our Works in Progress section, we will present 20 new films, which is currently in post-production. Selected scenes from each film, together with a short presentation, will give the participants an exclusive and unique preview of the upcoming films. The directors and/or producers will present their own films, and each presentation lasts 10 minutes.
This year the brand new Eurimages Lab Project Award (50 000 Euro) will be given to the most promising cuttingedge film presented as a work in progress. The award will encourage a film that is experimental either in form or content, made on the outskirts of the traditional filmmaking framework and a result of international collaboration.

All works in progress presentations will be considered by the jury, but films that have already received Eurimages support or are not involved in international
collaboration are not eligible for the award.

The Jury:

was born in Sandefjord, Norway. He was educated in Film Theory and Literature at the University of Stockholm, in addition to studying film production at the Stockholm Film School (Stockholms Filmskola). Writing, directing and producing, Hamer is known and respected as one of Norway’s leading film directors, and one of the nation’s true auteurs. His filmography includes Eggs (1995), Water Easy Reach (1998), Kitchen Stories (2003), Factotum (2005), O’Horten (2008), Home for Christmas (2010) and 1001 Grams (2014).


DorienDORIEN VAN DE PAS is working at the Netherlands Filmfund as Head of New Screen – the New Talent programme for features, innovative films, shorts, liveaction and animation. Dorien is also a Film Consultant for New Talent and commissions projects of first time directors, features and short films. She is the representative for Eurimages for the Netherlands, and she is president of the promotion group of Eurimages. She was Head of Feature Film for 4 years at the Netherlands Film Fund, joined the Dutch Cultural Media Fund and had her own company Dial M for Movies, Marketing & More, and worked as a cinema director and as a distributor



HEIDI ZWICKER is a programmer for the Sundance Film Festival, focusing on international feature films. She has been contributing to various Sundance Institute programmes for over ten years, beginning with the Feature Film Program, International. Heidi was a programmer at Palm Springs International Shortfest from 2011-2014. Originally from the north shore of Boston, she has a degree in English from University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth and an M.A. inCritical Studies of Film and Television from UCLA.


Here’s the final selection:

12 DARES (Dir: Izer Aliu, Prod: Lizette Jonjic, Maria Ekerhovd and Khalid Maimouni) Zentropa, Mer Film and Storyline Studios

AETERNA (Dir: Jesper Kurlandsky and Fredrik Wenzel, Prod: Malin Hüber) FASAD Production AB

ANIARA (Dir: Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja, Prod: Annika Rogell) Meta Film Stockholm AB

DARKLAND (Dir: Fenar Ahmad, Prod: Jacob Jarek) Profile Pictures

DRIB (Dir: Kristoffer Borgli, Prod: Magne Lynger and Riina Spørring Zachariassen) Bacon OSL

EARTH PRESSURE BALANCE (Dir: Rasmus Kloster Bro, Prod: Amalie Lyngbo Hjort) Beofilm Production

FOREVER 13 (Dir: Annika Berg, Prod: Katja Adomeit) Adomeit Film

HANDLE WITH CARE (Dir: Arild Andresen, Prod: Hans-Jørgen Osnes) Motlys AS

IN THE FOREST OF HUCKYBUCKY (Dir: Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Prod: Ove Heiborg, Elisabeth Opdal, Eirik Smidesang Slåen) Qvisten Animation AS

LAKE OVER FIRE (Dir: Jørn Utkilen, Prod: Isak Eymundsson and Ruben Thorkildsen) Ape&Bjørn AS

LAW OF THE LAND (Dir: Jussi Hiltunen, Prod: Kai Nordberg, Kaarle Aho and Joachim Lyng) Making Movies oy

MESTEREN (original title) (Dir: Charlotte Sieling, Prod: Lars Bredo Rahbek and Bo Erhardt) Nimbus Film

NORTH (Dir: Laurits Flensted-Jensen, Prod: Julie Friis Walenziak) Walenciak Film

NOW IT’S DARK (Dir: Arild Østin Ommundsen, Prod: Gary Cranner) Chezville AS

ORIGINAL SIN: A WOMAN WALKS THROUGH SOSIALISM (Dir: Susanne Sachsse, Prod: Merle Kröger and Caroline Kirberg) pong Film GmbH

QUALITY TIME (Dir: Daan Bakker, Prod: Iris Otten, Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs and David Leader) Pupkin Film

RICHARD THE STORK (Dir: Toby Genkel and Reza Memari, Prod: Kristine Knudsen, Emely Christians, Eric Goossens and Stephan Roelant) Knudsen & Streuber Medienmanufaktur GmbH

THE TREE FELLER (Dir: Jorunn Myklebust Syversen, Prod: Maria Ekerhovd) Mer Film AS

THE WIND BLEW ON (Dir: Katrín Ólafsdóttir, Prod: Katrín Ólafsdóttir and Katie Nicoll) International/Incohérence

WINTER BROTHERS (Dir: Hlynur Pálmason, Prod: Julie Waltersdorph Hansen) Masterplan Pictures ApS

The films will be presented at Edda Cinema, Wednesday 24th at 17:00 p.m. and Thursday 25th August at 12:15 p.m.